Crystal Bus Serves Michelin-Star Dimsum in Hong Kong Tour

The Crystal Bus in Hong Kong is currently making waves in the Internet for serving Michelin-star dim ... read more

Canada Returns Smuggled Cultural Artifacts to China

The Ministry of Canadian Heritage has returned the illegally exported valuable cultural properties ... read more

600-Year-Old Sunken Buddha Statue Emerges in China

A Buddha statue believed to be 600 years old emerged at the Hongmen Reservoir in east China's ... read more

'Functionally Extinct' Baiji Dolphin Spotted in Yangtze River

Chinese animal protection volunteers claimed they have spotted a baiji dolphin, which is a freshwater dolphin declared to be functionally extinct a decade ago, in Yangtze River in Wuhu, Anhui ... read more

Baijiu Makers Change 1,000-Year-Old Ways to Attract Western Drinkers

While the fiery Chinese liquor baijiu has been distilled for a thousand years exactly the same way, its makers want to transform it into "the new tequila" to attract western drinkers, Bloomberg ... read more

Ancient Cannabis 'Burial Shroud' Unearthed in China

Archaeologists have unearthed an "extraordinary cache" of cannabis buried at the Jiaya cemetery in China's Turpan Basin, saying that the recent discovery could considerably shed light on how ancient ... read more

'Phenomenal' Discovery of Possible Chinese Skeletons Could Rewrite Roman History

Museum of London researchers unearthed two ancient skeletons of Asian ancestry buried at a Roman cemetery in London, giving new insights into the links between the Roman Empire and Imperial China. read more

China Breaks Guinness World Records for 'Largest Performing Rock Band'

China's Beijing Contemporary Music Academy broke the world record for being the "Largest Performing Rock Band" after 953 musicians played a show altogether in Tianjin, the Guinness World Records ... read more

China's Hao Jingfang Receives 2016 Hugo Award for 'Folding Beijing'

Chinese sci-fi writer Hao Jingfang won the Hugo 2016 Award for Best Novelette with a short novel entry entitled "Folding Beijing" at the World Science Fiction convention, MidAmeriCon II, in Kansas ... read more

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