China Pork Prices Expected to Stabilize As The Supplies Recover

China's top economic regulator expects the national pork prices to stabilize in the coming months as ... read more

Chinese Inspirational Quotes About Love

Chinese Inspirational Quotes About Love read more

How Chinese and American Gambling Laws Compare

It's no secret that China and America are two of the most contrasting countries on the planet. Yet, ... read more

China’s 18th Century Imperial Seal Sells for Record High $22M

An 18th-century imperial seal belonging to Emperor Qianlong was sold at Paris for €21m holds a record in the auction house. An unknown Chinese collector acquired the treasure after a long heated ... read more

Disney Promises No Whitewashing on 'Mulan' 2018 Remake

Disney announced on Tuesday that the new version of Mulan, which is set to hit theaters in fall 2018, would meet both the expectations of Chinese spectators and American audience. read more

China's 'Monster Hunt' Wins at Abuja International Film Festival

Chinese fantasy, sci-fi film Monster Hunt received two highly coveted prizes during the grand finale of the 13th Annual Abuja International Film Festival that ended on Friday at the Nigerian Capital. read more

'Functionally Extinct' Baiji Dolphin Spotted in Yangtze River

Chinese animal protection volunteers claimed they have spotted a baiji dolphin, which is a freshwater dolphin declared to be functionally extinct a decade ago, in Yangtze River in Wuhu, Anhui ... read more

Baijiu Makers Change 1,000-Year-Old Ways to Attract Western Drinkers

While the fiery Chinese liquor baijiu has been distilled for a thousand years exactly the same way, its makers want to transform it into "the new tequila" to attract western drinkers, Bloomberg ... read more

Ancient Cannabis 'Burial Shroud' Unearthed in China

Archaeologists have unearthed an "extraordinary cache" of cannabis buried at the Jiaya cemetery in China's Turpan Basin, saying that the recent discovery could considerably shed light on how ancient ... read more

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