COVID-19 Update: Smell or Taste Loss Can Be The Early Symptoms of Coronavirus

Symptoms of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) typically include a dry cough, fever and shortness ... read more

Sam’s Club Flagship Store to Open in Shanghai with 70,000 Square Meters Competing with Costco

Walmart's high-end membership-only retail warehouse chain, Sam's Club, will be opening its first ... read more

How China Has The Coronavirus Slowed Down? Timeline And Measures Of the Battle Against COVID-19

Health experts around the world said over the past days that the coronavirus is slowing down in ... read more

China's Third, Fourth Aircraft Carriers in the Pipeline: What to Expect

China will not stop from constructing aircraft carriers even though it recently launched its second carrier, experts suggested, saying the new Type 001A is just the beginning of Beijing as a maritime ... read more

China Test-Fires new Generation Ballistic Missile Near North Korea

The Chinese Ministry of National Defense revealed on Wednesday that the military has successfully test-fired a new type of missile in the Bohai Sea, the interior gulf of the Yellow Sea between China ... read more

China is Building Ground-Effect, Anti-Ship Drone

A new Chinese anti-ship drone could be in the pipeline, with technologies derived from developments in cruise missiles and ground-effect vehicles. read more

China Flaunts Xian JH-7 'Flying Leopards' as Military Conducts Live-Fire Drills Over South China Sea

China has flaunted its self-built fighter-bombers, dubbed the 'Flying Leopard,' during a live-fire drill over the South China Sea with footage aired on the state-broadcaster China Central Television ... read more

Chinese Military Develops Smartphone Software for Soldiers to Prevent Leaking Secrets

The Chinese military has introduced a mobile security platform that automatically alerts senior officials when soldiers leak sensitive data or use their smartphones during blackouts, according to the ... read more

China's Submersible 'Jiaolong' Finds Polymetallic Nodules in the South China Sea

China's manned submersible Jiaolong has found a collection of polymetallic nodules in Puyuan Seamount in the disputed South China Sea. read more

Beijing 999 Buys Airbus Helicopter H145 for Medical, Search and Rescue Operations

China's Beijing 999 Emergency Rescue Center (Beijing 999) has ordered one Airbus Helicopter H145 to be fitted with a hoist for medical, search, and rescue purposes. read more

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