China's Stealth Drone 'Sharp Sword' Could Carry over 4,000 Pounds of Bombs

China unveiled its stealthy attack drone dubbed as 'Sharp Sword' UAV that boasts of a capability of ... read more

China Tells Local Weather Forecasters to Stop Issuing Smog Alerts

China's Meteorological Administration on Tuesday has barred regional forecasters from issuing smog ... read more

China Arrests 7 Suspects over Fake Seasoning Scandal in Tianjin

Police officials in Tianjin Province, China, on Tuesday, arrested and detained seven culprits for ... read more

Beijing to Spend $2.6B to Fight Deadly Air Pollution in 2017

Beijing has introduced plans to spend 18.2 billion yuan ($2.6 billion) to assist in the city's fight against the massive smog massacre, one of the worst recorded globally. ... read more

China Dismisses Official for Calling Mao Zedong a 'Devil'

A Chinese official in north China's Hebei province has been dismissed for "posting wrong remarks" on his Weibo account on Mao Zedong, the founder of modern China. ... read more

China Leads Global Transition to Electric Cars

China has jointed Europe in leading the momentous shift towards electric vehicles. The rate of growth in electric vehicle is likely to surge in 2017 as China and Europe institute stricter emission ... read more

Beijing, China Steps Up Drive Versus Air Pollution

Beijing, the capital of China, is stepping up its initiative against the growing concern on air pollution in the country. ... read more

China Names New Governor for Tibet Region: Report

Chinese government has appointed a new governor for its autonomous and insurgency prone region of Tibet, state news agency Xinhua reported on Sunday. ... read more

China Orders App Stores to Get Registered with the Government

The Cyberspace Administration of China has posted a notice on its website asking mobile app stores to officially register on its offices. The action has been taken to control the proliferation of ... read more

2 Chinese Detained over Alleged Involvement in Istanbul New Year's Eve Terror Attack

Two Chinese citizens believed to be members of the rebel Uighurs Muslim group have been placed in custody by a Turkish court on Friday over their alleged involvement in the Istanbul terror attack on ... read more

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