China's J-20 Stealth Fighter Adds Extra External Fuel Tanks Under Its Wings

China's J-20 stealth fighter jet was seen with a totally new configuration, sporting four extra ... read more

China's Mobile Payment Industry More than Tripled to $5.5 Trillion in 2016

China's booming mobile payment network more than tripled to a staggering 38 trillion yuan ($5.5 ... read more

China Plans to Build 'Trimaran' Frigate by 2018 [PHOTO]

China's People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) will reportedly build a trimaran boat in 2018 that ... read more

Amendments to Chinese Law on Minimum Detention Age Proposed

A draft Chinese law that aims to lower the minimum detention age for citizens who have been held for non-criminal offenses has received mixed reactions from experts regarding its provisions. read more

Opportunities Abound for Chinese Migrant Workers in Homeland

The prospects are looking bright for Chinese migrant workers as more benefits are being offered to them by companies who are in need of good labor. read more

China to Develop Nuclear Strategic Stealth Bomber H-20 by 2020: Report

China is poised to develop its home-grown, new generation long range strike bomber (LRSB) by the end of the decade. read more

China Holds Massive Anti-Terrorism Rally in Muslim-Dominated Xinjiang Province

Chinese security forces staged another mass anti-terror rally in the insurgency-prone Xinjiang Province in response to the recent rise in the violence in the region. Nearly 10 people were killed and ... read more

Bird Flu Crisis: China Shuts Down Poultry Markets in South Central Region

Chinese authorities have ordered the closure of live poultry markets in the south central region amid growing fear over fast-spreading bird flu virus. The H7N9 virus has already killed nearly 100 ... read more

World's Biggest Amphibious Plane AG600 set for Maiden Flight

The China-made AG600, said to be the world's biggest amphibious aircraft, is slated to make its maiden flight in the first half of this year, state-backed Xinhua News agency reported on Wednesday. read more

China’s Belt and Road Initiative Needs to be Protected From Terror Threats

China has appealed to the international community to help protect key infrastructure within the Belt and Road initiative. read more

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