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Video Shows Journalist James Wright Foley Beheaded By ISIS

Missing journalist James Wright Foley is seen being beheaded by an ISIS soldier in a video uploaded to the Internet. ... Full Article


UN Condemns Latest Gaza Ceasefire Breakdown

The United Nations (UN) strongly condemned the latest ceasefire breakdown in the Gaza Strip and urged both ... Full Article

Iraqi Forces March on Tikrit After Mosul Dam Victory

The Iraqi military decided to follow the momentum of recapturing the Mosul Dam by launching an operation to retake the town of Tikrit from the Islamic ... Full Article


Mercedes-Benz Guilty Of Price Manipulation In China

Chinese regulators found Mercedes-Benz guilty of guilty of price-fixing its spare parts in China, Xinhua news ... Full Article

Steve Ballmer Steps Down as Microsoft Board Director

Steve Ballmer Steps Down as Microsoft Board Director ... Full Article

China Fines Japan's NSK

Japan's star auto parts supplier NSK got slapped with a $28.2 million (USD) fine by ... Full Article


How Did An Ancient Chinese Palace End Up In Siberia?

A story of war, defection, murder, and the discovery of a palace in the last place one should be. ... Full Article

J.K. Rowling Just Released A New 'Harry Potter' Story

The highly-acclaimed author took to writing to create the story of singer and sorceress, Celestina Warbeck. ... Full Article


University of Alabama Sorority Under Fire for Posting Racist Image and Caption

The University of Alabama will investigate a racist photo that has gone viral online posted by Chi Omega ... Full Article

Forced Blood Donation Victims Escalate To 10, Mostly Minors

The total number of forced blood donations in northwestern province of Gansu in China ... Full Article

8 Dead, 4 Injured in Gas Leak Blast in China

Eight people were killed and four have been injured following an explosion on Sunday ... Full Article


FIBA World Championships: Biggest Threat to Team USA is Spain

While most basketball fans are leaning Team USA as the heavy favorites for the upcoming FIBA World Cup, Team Spain stands in their way as very real threats. ... Full Article

Madden Ratings Guru could be Most Reviled Man in NFL locker Rooms

Arguably the most reviled man in the NFL locker rooms is Donny Moore, the man in charge of putting player ratings for the Madden video game. ... Full Article

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