Myanmar President Pardons Thousands of Prisoners - Including 155 Imprisoned Chinese Loggers

Myanmar President U Thein Sein on Thursday granted presidential pardon to nearly 7,000 prisoners ahead of a national Buddhist holiday. The released prisoners ... read more

Chinese Scientists Use Gold To Detect Melamine In Milk, Infant Formula

Chinese scientists have created a means of detecting melamine in milk and in this procedure, gold particles are used. The melamine-detecting method is more

Turkish President Erdogan Begins Official Visit to Beijing: Uighurs Situation, Missile System Deal Looms in Discussions

The President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Beijing on Wednesday to commence his much anticipated visit to China. The visit by the Turkish ... read more

China Stock Indexes Plunge Further Tuesday After Regulators Pledge to Stabilize Market

Chinese shares continued to freefall on Tuesday after experiencing the biggest loss in a single day since 2007 on Monday. At the opening of the ... read more

Microbiota Therapy Seen As Cure For Obesity In Chinese Children

There is hope! This is what a new team of researchers have learned when they discovered that modulation of the gut microbiota’s diet can help treat ... read more

China Conducts Military Drill in Disputed South China Sea Involving Live Fire, Philippines Calls for Transparency

Tension continues to rise over the disputed South China Sea as China conducted a military exercise involving live firing on Tuesday to improve its maritime battle capabilities. ... read more

Iraq Releases Peking University Student Arrested on Suspicion of Fighting for ISIS

A Chinese archaeology student, who was arrested in Iraq on suspicion of being a member of the Islamic State, has been released after investigations revealed that he has no ties with the terrorist ... read more

China Flooded Mine Rescue: 6 Coal Miners Saved After Being Trapped Underground for 1 Week, Search Continues for 5 Others

Rescuers have successfully saved 6 coal miners, who have been trapped in a flooded mine in Heilongjiang Province for about a week, state media reported on Monday. Rescuers are still attempting to ... read more

Bobbi Kristina Funeral Plans Uncertain; Boyfriend Nick Gordon to be Charged With Manslaughter?

Fans and friends of Bobbi Kristina Brown continue to extend prayers and sympathies to the family after the daughter of music icon Whitney Houston died Saturday. But rumors say funeral plans remain ... read more

Khloe Kardashian Flaunts Slim Figure in Complex Magazine

Khloe Kardashian proudly posted her unretouched photos for Complex magazine. ... read more

Justin Beiber Throws Quinciñera Party for Meningitis Survivor

Half of the time Justin Beiber may be an asshole, but on his good days, he shows goodwill toward his fans, such as attending the Quinciñera of a Latina fan. ... read more


Why Blue Moon Is Not Just About The Moon’s Color

This Friday, something rare is about to happen that you'll find yourself uttering, "One in a blue moon." And indeed, a phenomenon that's literally ... read more


Kroger Recalls 4 Of Its Spices, Seasonings

Kroger Co. has recalled four of its spices from the market due to Salmonella contamination in the products found when tested by FDA. The spices ... read more


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