Chinese Authorities Issue Blue Storm Alert, Flood Warning For Southern Regions, Other Areas

China is facing imminent storms and possibly the occurrence of a flood this weekend after Chinese meteorological authorities spotted signs of the forthcoming ... read more

China Air Quality Slowly Improving - Especially In Beijing

China’s air pollution measures are already seeing positive results. In Beijing, the air quality has already been significantly improved just six ... read more

China, Russia Condemn U.S. 2015 Military Strategy

Chinese and Russian officials have criticized the latest U.S. National Military Strategy, which highlights the military threat that both countries ... read more

China Dedicates 2.8 Billion Yuan to Combat Heavy Metal Pollution

China's Ministry of Information has revealed that the government has allocated about 2.8 billion yuan ($451 million) to help some of the country's ... read more

Mixed Results After First Month of Beijing's Smoking Ban

Beijing authorities have collected fines from various violators since smoking ban took effect last June 1. But many still defy the ban as they secretly smoked behind closed doors. ... read more

6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Northwestern China, Leaves 3 Dead

A 6.5-magnitude earthquake hit China's Hotan Province before 9 am and injured more than 20 people, as reported by People's Daily. ... read more

China Permits Pension Funds to Invest in Stocks

China's central government has given its permission for pension funds to buy stocks in the hope that the fresh influx of money can reinvigorate the battered stock market. Authorities released the ... read more

China Stocks Fall as Regulators Launch Investigation into Allegations of Manipulation

Chinese authorities on Thursday announced that they will look into allegations that the recent losses suffered by the stock market may have been caused by price manipulations conducted by some unknown ... read more

Asian Stock Markets Advance – Except China Despite Incentives

Stocks markets across Asia were in positive territory as of Wednesday, July 1, in spite of the lingering Greek debt crisis. However, the Shanghai Stock Index was down by around five percent despite ... read more

China Must Implement Much Needed Reforms – World Bank

Chinese authorities must implement some major changes in the way the economy is run, a World Bank report said on Wednesday. ... read more


North American Wild Horse Rejected From Endangered List

North American wild horses also referred to as "Mustangs" are the successors of Spanish or Iberian horses that Spanish explorers brought to America in ... read more


Earthquake Strikes China; 6.5 Magnitude Kills 6 People

A strong earthquake happened in China today with six people died and around 50 people who are injuured. Earthquake with magnitude of 6.5 happened in ... read more


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