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Top U.S. Pacific Commander: Conflict with China Not Inevitable

The top U.S. Naval commander in the Pacific fleet rejected the notion that military conflict was inevitable between the U.S. and China. ... Full Article


Up to 90% Discount on Marijuana at Colorado’s Green Friday

The national shopping day right after Thanksgiving took a different color in Colorado as retailers dubbed it ... Full Article

Best Buy Website Crashes Twice Due to Black Friday Sales

The crowds may have been thinner in bricks and mortar stores in the U.S. for Black ... Full Article

Modernization Of Global Trade Under Bali Agreement To Save WTO Members $1 Trillion Yearly

By streamlining and harmonizing customs procedures, members of the World Trade ... Full Article


Depression More Likely To Attack Executive Women

Power and authority can cause women hopelessness and despair. Last Thursday, a study revealed that most men feel more empowered and much happier when they are in charge in the work ... Full Article

Warhol's Elvis And Brando Works Fetch $151.5 Million At Record-Shattering Auction

Andi Warhol’s multiple images of Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando starred in Christie’s auction, selling $151 million, in an event which was hailed ... Full Article


Pregnant Woman Blinded on Left Eye after Ferguson Cop Shoots Her on Face with Bean Bag Round

The left eye of a 24-year woman was damaged on Tuesday when she was hit on the face by a bean bag round fired ... Full Article

Bill Gates Appears in Cameo Role in Chinese 'No To Passive Smoking' Video

Microsoft founder Bill Gates appears in a cameo role in a Chinese anti-smoking video, ... Full Article

China Outlaws Public Smoking, Bans Tobacco Advertising

China passed a sweeping new anti-tobacco law Friday that bans smoking in all indoor ... Full Article


Good Times Gone For RG3

It was in 2012 when Robert Griffin III, more popularly known by his nickname RG3, started to make a name for himself in the NFL (National Football League) as a Washington Redskins ... Full Article

CBA: Liaoning Extends Win-Streak To 11 With Overtime Win Against Guangdong

Eleven games into the 2014-15 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) season and the Liaoning Flying Leopards still find themselves undefeated following ... Full Article

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