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Survey Ranks Retailers with Biggest Black Friday Discounts

Personal finance website WalletHub conducted a survey consisting of over 5,500 2014 Black Friday deals with ... Full Article

Scammers Trick Wal-Mart Into Selling PlayStation 4s for $90

Wal-Mart announced its new price match guarantee, but many consumers took advantage ... Full Article


Warhol's Elvis And Brando Works Fetch $151.5 Million At Record-Shattering Auction

Andi Warhol’s multiple images of Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando starred in Christie’s auction, selling $151 million, in an event which was hailed as the biggest-grossing day ... Full Article

German Castles for Sale – Cheap but Expensive to Renovate

Twenty five years since the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany, medieval forts and castles are up for sale at low prices, ... Full Article


Sexist Barbie Book Blasted For Targeting Women In Computer Engineering

In 2010, Mattel released a Computer Engineer Barbie, an additional type of Barbie to the many kinds of work ... Full Article

Knife-Wielding Maniac Kills Seven at Hospital in China

A man with a history of mental illness has stabbed to death seven people, including ... Full Article

'God Boy' Born With 8 Limbs A Sensation In India

Thousands of people flocked to India to personally see a baby born with four arms and ... Full Article


NBA Suspends Hornets' Jeff Taylor 24 Games for Domestic Violence

Jeff Taylor pleaded guilty to domestic violence and vandalizing hotel property. ... Full Article

Beijing Makes Strong Argument to Host 2022 Olympic Winter Games

"It's almost there. It doesn't need that much before you could host the Olympics," said Uwe Beier, snowboard race director. ... Full Article

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