China, Vietnam Agree to Settle Disputes Through Dialogue

The leaders of China and Vietnam met on the sidelines of China's 70th anniversary V-Day parade and agreed to strengthen the ties between both nations and more


President Xi Announces Plan to Reduce Troops by 300,000 as China Holds V-Day Parade

President Xi Jinping on Thursday paid tribute to World War II veterans as he highlighted the significance of the victory in the Chinese People's War of ... read more

Bangkok Bombing: Main Suspect Arrested in Cambodia

A key suspect in the Aug. 17 bomb attack on Bangkok's Erawan Shrine has been arrested in neighboring Cambodia and is being transferred to the Thai more

President Xi Emphasizes Need to Promote National Unity and Combat Separatism in Tibet

President Xi Jinping on Tuesday called for an all-out-effort to cultivate national unity in Tibetan autonomous areas and fight against separatism. ... read more

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Update: To Be Equipped With 3D Facial Recognition; Three Screen Variants Expected To Be Released In October? [RUMOR]

There are a lot of rumors spreading like a wildfire that the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will have two screen variants; however, a contradicting ... read more

China Dismisses Japan's Protest Over UN Secretary General Attending V-Day Parade

China's foreign ministry has described complaints by Japan against the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's attendance of the China's World ... read more

Presence of Chinese Navy Ships in Bering Sea Coincides With Obama' s Alaska Visit

American President Barack Obama was in Alaska when Pentagon officials announced that at least five Chinese ships have been seen operating in the Bering Sea near the state's coastal waters. Although ... read more

Another Chemical Explosion Rocks China, 1 Person Dead

Another chemical explosion has occured in the Chinese city of Dongying, Shandong province, on Monday, according to state media. ... read more

First Rains After Tianjin Port Explosions Test Negative for Cyanide

Chinese authorities announced that the rains that have poured on Tuesday in Tianjin city did not contained any traces of cyanide. There were earlier fears that the deadly chemical may be unleashed as ... read more

Arrow Update: First Look at Diggle’s Costume Plus New Promo Poster of Green Arrow

It’s Diggle Time! Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) righthand man John Diggle (David Ramsey) is suiting up for “Arrow” Season 4 and CW just released the badass costume. ... read more

Julianne Hough Wants To Enjoy Being Engaged

Julianne Hough said that she and her fiancé are in no rush to get married. ... read more

‘American Horror Story Hotel’: Lady Gaga And Matt Bommer's Foursome Sex Scenes

"American Horror Story: Hotel" is known for being the most frightening, twisted and dark programs on television. The expected gruesome foursome sex scene will feature a new perspective for the show. ... read more

Editor’s Pick

Tibet's Exiled Government Decries Beijing's Celebration of 50th Anniversary

Tibet's expatriate government said Tuesday that China has occupied its Himalayan home region for 50 years. The comments come a day after Beijing celebrated the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Tibet Autonomous Region and after President Xi Jinping vowed to intensify the fight against separatists and maintain national integrity. read more


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