India and China make no Headway on Masood Azhar & NSG Issues at Strategic Dialogue Meeting

On the first day of India - China strategic dialogue, both countries expectedly made no visible ... read more

China Conducts 'Counter Attack' Drills as US Aircraft Carrier Starts Routine Patrol

China carried out some "counter attack" exercises shortly after US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson ... read more

NSG and Masood Azhar Issues set to Dominate India - China Strategic Dialogue

India and China are slated to start the India - China Strategic Dialogue on Feb 22. The contagious ... read more

Taiwan Says Spain’s Decision to Deport 200 Taiwanese Citizens to China is ‘Deeply Regretful’

Taiwan on Saturday described the Spanish government's decision to deport 200 Taiwanese citizens to Mainland China as "deeply regretful." This is the latest deportation saga in the multi-billion dollar ... read more

Switzerland will no Longer Recognize 'Tibetan' Nationality to Improve China Ties

Switzerland has 'revised' its immigration policy for Tibetan refugees, requiring them to change their nationality to Chinese, a move to improve Bern's relationship with China. read more

India is not Competing with China to win over Foreign Allies: Indian Vice President

India is not in competition with China in pursuing cooperation with foreign nations, Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari told Indian reporters on enroute to five day tour to African countries Rwanda ... read more

China, Philippine Coast Guards to Establish Hotline Soon

China and the Philippines have agreed to establish a direct communication line between the two nations' coast guards, Commander Armand Balilo, spokesperson of the Philippine Coast Guard, said. read more

US Aircraft Carrier Starts South China Sea 'Routine' Patrol Amid Beijing's Warning

US aircraft carrier strike USS Carl Vinson, with a fleet of supporting warships, started patrolling in the South China Sea despite growing tension with China over the disputed waterway. read more

China Orders Complete ban on Coal Shipments From North Korea

China has announced a complete suspension of coal imports from North Korea in its latest effort to fully comply with the United Nation's (UN) sanctions. The move is seen as a retaliatory measure ... read more

China Again Calls for Resumption of 6-Party Talks on North Korea Nuclear Issue

China on Friday urged the U.S. and other concerned parties to revive the six party talks with North Korea claiming that the United Nation's sanctions may not yield desirable results, without pursuing ... read more

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Indonesia's Sriwijaya Air Turns Back to China After Learning Cabin Door was Incompletely Closed

A commercial airplane heading to the island of Bali in Indonesia from China's Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport turned back midflight on Wednesday after air crew learned that its cabin door was not completely closed, South China Morning Post reported citing the Southern Metropolis Daily. read more

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