Chinese State TV Tweets Its Troops can Reach New Delhi in 48 hours if War Breaks: Report

A Chinese state television channel claims that its troops can reach New Delhi in 48 hours, if a ... read more

Trump Declines to Meet the Dalai Lama: Pillsbury

China could see a more likely better relationship with the US after Donald Trump reportedly declined ... read more

Modi Calls on China to Respect India’s Core ‘Concerns’ and ‘Interests’

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday called on China to respect his country's core ... read more

Swedish Minister Shocked by Xenophobia Towards Swedes Living in Britain

Ann Linde, Swedish minister for EU affairs and trade, said on Monday that she was shocked by the uncertainty and xenophobia being experienced by Swedes in the United Kingdom since the 'brexit' ... read more

Trump to End Russian Sanctions for Nuclear Reduction Deal

US President-elect Donald Trump on Monday told British media that he will offer to end sanctions against Russia if it agrees to a nuclear reduction deal. ... read more

Philippine President Duterte Criticized over His Martial Law Threat

Philippine rights advocates and survivors of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos, the country's former leader, criticized President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday for his comments that he is considering of ... read more

China, Switzerland Strengthen Ties Further; Expand FTA

China and Switzerland have strengthened their bilateral ties further, as they signed an expansion to their existing free trade agreement (FTA). ... read more

Top Democrat Senator Believes Russia Interfered in US Elections

Feinstein added that the United States has got huge problems if it cannot carry out an election without disinformation being pumped into it by another country. ... read more

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Threatens to Declare Martial Law

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatened on Saturday to declare martial law to the country should he deem it necessary to continue with his government's bloody war against illegal drugs. ... read more

President Xi to Forge Close Friendship with Switzerland During his First Official State Visit

Chinese President Xi Jinping has arrived in Switzerland Sunday for his first 4-day official state visit to the Alpine country, vowing to nurture close friendship and boost cooperation between the two ... read more

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