Updated 2:00 PM EDT, Wed, May 20, 2020

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Meizu to Shutdown Flyme Cloud Storage Service in November

Flyme OS Update Now Available For Meizu PRO 5 and MX5 Smartphones

(Photo : YouTube) Meizu has announced that the Flyme OS 5.1.3 0G update is now available for the PRO 5 and MX5.

The provision of cloud storage services, which Meizu is also offering through Flyme, is unprecedented as more users are discovering how much ease this actually brings.

Despite this popularity, the Chinese tech company recently announced that it is closing its own cloud storage service completely.

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Meizu said all apps and services that are tied to the Flyme cloud service, including the Document Management and Gallery apps, will be completely deactivated.

The shutdown of Flyme cloud storage service also marks the end of Meizu's business with Alibaba's Ali cloud servers.

It can be recalled that Ali cloud servers stopped providing online storage services to individual users in October 2015, but Meizu was able to strike a deal with Ali to score a one-year extension for its Flyme users.

Starting Sept. 28, Meizu's Flyme cloud storage services will no longer allow users to upload photos or albums on the cloud, according to Giz China.

Meanwhile, users have until Nov. 28 to download and backup all of their uploaded photos. After the said date, Ali will completely pull the plug off of Flyme's cloud storage servers which means that the service will no longer be accessible.

While this news bids ill for many Flyme users, Meizu said that it is working on a new cloud storage service which the company may launch in November.

According to Meizu, the new cloud service will provide more security and flexibility to its users. The company did not reveal, though, if it is going to use third-party cloud services or already working on its own cloud storage infrastructure.

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