Samsung Uses Own Facility to Test Galaxy Note 7 Batteries

By | Oct 17, 2016 08:16 AM EDT
Samsung Galaxy Note S7

Samsung has ordered customers to stop using the Galaxy Note 7.(Photo : Getty Images/George Frey)

South Korean tech giant Samsung is once again facing a new controversy regarding its infamous faulty battery packs that are installed into the Galaxy Note 7 units.

It was recently reported that Samsung is using its own in-house battery laboratory in testing batteries that are being installed into its devices, a practice that only the company is doing.

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For smartphone manufacturers to be able to sell their products into major United States carriers, they have to submit their battery packs into a series of tests enforced by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

In a report submitted by the IEEE, the association claimed that Samsung is the only company that utilizes its own facility to check the performance of their products. A Samsung spokesperson confirmed this report, adding that the company's internal testing labs have not pointed out any issues with the original and replacement Galaxy Note 7 batteries.

Tech companies like Motorola have also adopted this self-test practice on their own products. However, when Motorola tries to sell its products into the United States, the company employs third-party laboratories that are certified by the CTIA to obtain proper certification, something that was not done by Samsung with its Galaxy Note 7 device, according to Phone Arena.

In response to criticisms, Samsung announced that the company has decided to shift its operation standards, especially towards its quality assurance division.

While Samsung did not explain the exact plan to address this matter, there have been suggestions that the company should start using accredited third-party laboratories to ensure the safety of its consumers.

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