Honda Restores the Very First Car it Sold in the U.S.

By | Oct 19, 2016 06:14 PM EDT
Honda N600

The very first car Honda sold in the United States was the N600. (Photo : YouTube)

The very first car Honda ever sold in the United States was the N600. Dubbed as the Serial One, the car was left by its owner to rust in a garage. Due to its sentimental value for the Japanese car company, Honda tapped an expert in restoring cars to breathe new life into the Serial One.

Serial One is the nickname Honda bestowed to the N600. It first arrived on U.S. soil back in 1969. The hatchback has a 0.6-liter two cylinder engine and can max its rev power to an impressive 9,000 revolutions per minute.

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Honda only brought a handful of the N600 into the U.S. market, probably just to gauge customer demand. The Honda N600 is billed as an economy car, and this is probably one of the reasons why its owner decided to leave a piece of history to rot in a garage, according to CNet.

As part of Honda's restoration campaign, the company release a collection of documentaries on video sharing website YouTube. The videos were also shared on a dedicated website created specifically for the Serial One.

The man in charge of restoring the Serial One to its original façade is notable restoration expert Tim Mings. Car enthusiasts have no debate over Honda's choice as Mings is considered one of the many experts when it comes to Serial One cars.

Ming labored on the Serial One for more than a year to restore it to a factor-fresh condition. Now that the restoration is complete/ Honda celebrated the event by posting one last video in the cars documentary series.

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