Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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YouTube Taps Artificial Intelligence to Crack Down on Offensive Contents and Comments


(Photo : Getty Images/Jeff J Mitchell) YouTube recently launched a new feature to curb down abusive users, especially on the platform’s comment section.

YouTube recently announced a new feature that will curb down abusive users, especially on the platform's comment section. YouTube said that the new tool would enable content creators, channel owners, and users to flag offensive contents that violate the company's terms and conditions easily.

The new YouTube feature went into effect on Thursday. The company said the tool relies on algorithmic intelligence which allows it to identify certain comments that violate YouTube's Community Guidelines. Content creators who opt to use this new tool will have the power to approve, hide, or report foul or offensive comments directly to YouTube's moderation team.

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Some tech analysts say the new tool shows Google's and YouTube's commitment to creating a harmonious online environment away from the offensive language typically found in comment sections. Although Google already has an existing anti-harassment tool, this new feature takes advantage of the power of artificial intelligence and compares certain characteristics of comments that have been previously removed by creators.

In a statement acquired by Digital Trends, YouTube product manager Courtney Lessard said, "We recognize that the algorithms will not always be accurate: The beta feature may hold some comments you deem fine for approval, or may not catch comments you'd like to hold and review."

Aside from the new tool, YouTube is also improving its existing moderation suite. The new update allows content creators to pick other users as moderators to a certain YouTube channel. YouTube said that it is also rolling out a new feature that allows moderators to put color on their usernames, probably to make it easier for other users to spot them.

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