Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Apple Throttles Network Speed of iPhone 7 with Qualcomm LTE Chips

Apple iPhone 7

(Photo : Getty images) An Apple iPhone 7 in Jet Black finish is seen during the launch of the company's latest devices.

News about Apple intentionally throttling some iPhone models that use the Qualcomm LTE chips have been making rounds around several tech websites recently.

Sources familiar with the issue said that Apple intentionally throttled some iPhone 7 models that have Qualcomm LTE chips installed. According to Apple Insider, this is to make sure that all iPhone 7 models have uniform connection performance since some models that have Intel modems in them have slightly slower LTE connection speeds.

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Apple outsourced the LTE components of its iPhone 7 lineup with two manufacturers providing the said components, Intel and Qualcomm. Although these components serve the same purpose, there will be slight differences in terms of performance.

The Qualcomm X12 modems, which are installed in iPhone 7s for Sprint and Verizon, are capable of connections speeds of up to 600mbps. On the other hand, Intel XMM 3360 modems, which are installed in T-Mobile and AT&T iPhone 7s, have a maximum speed of 450mbps.

A test performed by Twin Prime revealed that iPhone 7s with Qualcomm LTE modems are slightly faster compared with their counterparts with Intel LTE chips. Twin Prime also found out that the Samsung Galaxy S7, which has the same Qualcomm X12 modem, is way faster than the iPhone 7 from Verizon, according to NDTV.

Regarding the issue of Apple throttling LTE speeds, Jackdaw Research analyst Jan Dawson said, "Apple chose to use different modems for leverage and redundancy, and carriers had no real say in that. So it would be a little unfair if Apple allowed, say, Verizon and Sprint to say that their iPhone performs better than AT&T and T-Mobiles."

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