Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Chinese Communist Party Warns of Global Disaster if Trump Launches Trade War With Beijing

Chinese Communist Party Warns of Global Disaster if Trump LaunchesTrade War with Beijing

(Photo : Getty Images) The communist party mouthpiece has warned incoming US president Donald Trump of a global disaster if he initiates a trade war against Beijing

China has warned the United States that a worsening of ties between the two nations could result in global disaster," and that cooperation is the only correct choice for the two sides to manage their bilateral relations.

The official Chinese Communist Party newspaper, the People's Daily, said in an editorial on Tuesday that Sino-US relationship is "too big to fail," reminding US President-elect Donald Trump that he must pitch in his share to make sure there is no breakdown in ties between the two superpowers.

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The commentary said China's relationship with the US  was very important and the two nations should jointly exert efforts to improve their ties and prevent their relations from deteriorating.

It added that any breakdown of ties between the two nations would disastrously affect the global order.

Sino-US cooperation

People's Daily also reiterated Chinese President Xi Jinping's message to Trump last week that cooperation was the only correct measure for the two sides to take to maintain their ties.

"It's not hard to predict that a cooperative China-U.S. relationship will bring huge benefits across the globe," the paper said.

The editorial warned that if Washington and Beijing get involved in spats and confrontations, it will be disastrous not only to the two countries but globally as well.

Currency manipulator

The communist-backed newspaper article is China's latest move to heal its ties with its biggest trade partner following Trump's election win.

President-elect Trump lambasted China during his campaign sorties, calling Beijing the "biggest theft in the world." He promised to impose 45 percent tariffs on imported China-made goods if Beijing does not stop what he perceives as unfair trading practices.

The Republican billionaire, in one of his campaign speeches, promised to brand China as a currency manipulator and said he would not hesitate to bring trade complaints against the country.

According to the People's Daily editorial, despite their differences, the two countries share common goals and interests and Beijing recognizes the similarity between Trump's vision of "making America great again" and Xi's "the great Chinese dream" mantra since assuming office in 2013.

The paper added that economic ties between Washington and Beijing have flourished under the term of President Barack Obama and have paved the way for the improvement of relations between the two nations under the incoming Trump administration. 

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