Russia claims Development of Electromagnetic Weapon to Destroy US Aerial Drone Swarms

By | Nov 26, 2016 09:03 PM EST

Small aerial drones used by the U.S. military. (Photo : US Navy)

A week after the U.S. Army announced an electromagnetic weapon that can destroy a swarm of Russian aerial drones with a single burst comes an announcement by Russia it's developed a similar but "deadlier" weapon to knock-down U.S. mini-drones.

Russian state-owned media claims the weapon will fry an aerial drone swarm's radio-electric systems, turning the drones into useless pieces of iron and plastic. The weapon was developed by United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC), a state-owned firm combining the research and production enterprises that are part of Russia's radio-electronics industry.

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Russian military thinkers acknowledge that if an American swarm of aerial drones is able to reach its Russian target, it's almost impossible to stop. The new Russian anti-drone weapon is designed to block swarms of American drones as they approach their Russian targets.

Instead of simply creating radio interference that screws-up the drone swarm's command guidance, the new weapon destroys all the drones' on-board electronics. The drones aren't physically destroyed but instead are turned into scrap plastic and metal, say the Russians.

Russian media said the specs of the new weapon remains confidential but experts not associated with Russia's defense industry believe the weapon inflicts "electromagnetic damage" on the targeted aerial drones.

Russia media said the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has long relied on the combat use of electromagnetic radiation.

The U.S. Army last week revealed a hitherto secret weapon called PHASER that can destroy an entire swarm of small armed or unarmed aerial drones with a single electromagnetic burst.  

This huge weapon is classified by the army as a "High-Powered Microwave" (HPM) radiation transmitter.

It's an electromagnetic weapon with a huge radar dish atop a 20 foot-long shipping container that fires microwave energy at the target drones.

The intense microwave energy burns-out the aerial drones' control systems; destroys their motors and causes the drones in a swarm to crash to the ground like flies sprayed with insecticide.

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