Sky Mobile Officially Enters UK Mobile Market

By | Nov 30, 2016 08:35 AM EST
Sky Mobile

British broadcast company Sky is launching its own mobile phone service called Sky Mobile. (Photo : YouTube)

British broadcast company Sky is launching its own mobile phone service called Sky Mobile. The service has been anticipated for quite some time now as it promises to roll over unused data each month, a feature not commonly offered by other network providers.

The Sky Mobile service is built around four important features: Roll, Mix, Save, and Sync. Roll means that users can carry over unused data each month, a feature they can use up to three years. Mix allows users to freely choose their service by mixing monthly data, calls, and text combinations that fits their demand. Users can change the build of their service each month if they want to.

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Sky Mobile offers a handful of data plans to its subscribers. On a monthly basis, a 1GB data plan costs $10, 3GB costs £15 ($18.70), and 5GB cost £20 ($25), according to BBC. Unfortunately, Sky Mobile does not offer unlimited data.

The Save feature allows Sky TV subscribers to get free domestic calls and texts. For those who are not subscribed to Sky TV, unlimited calls and texts cost £10 ($12) on top of their chosen data plan, according to CNet.

The Sync feature allows users to sync their phone with their Sky box. This will allow them to stream all recorded shows on their box directly to their mobile phones.

It is important to note that streaming Sky recordings using mobile connection will be charged on the monthly data allowance. Sky advises users to download contents to their phones through Wi-Fi connections.

Right now, Sky Mobile only offers network deals. This means that customers have to provide their own phones if they choose to subscribe to the network. On the other hand, Sky said that it will start offering deals on devices in the spring of 2017.

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