Air for Sale: The New Business Venture in China?

By | Dec 01, 2016 12:16 AM EST
Breather masks have been given as a free gift for purchases made

Both international and local companies are eyeing for Beijing's emerging 'Air for Sale' market.(Photo : Getty Images)

While in most places air is something people freely inhales, it apparently has a given price value in Beijing, making it a new destination for business enthusiasts selling air.

China's capital city has been continuously battling with air pollution for quite sometime already. For this reason, international air sale businesses have been sprouting with several companies selling bottled clear air from New Zealand and Canada.

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Interestingly, the business line is performing very well in the region and is promising even better future results. In fact, nearly half a dozen of companies have already ventured into the new thriving business.

The price is quite 'cheap' given that for only 219 yuan ($31), consumers can already avail of a 7.7-liter bottle of air rich in oxygen from New Zealand. Each bottle gives consumers 180 gulps of fresh air; thus, people are paying for 1.2 yuan (0.17 cents) per gulp.

Canada, on the other hand, has more a pocket-friendly price. Vitality Air produced in Canada costs only 108 yuan ($15.70), less than half of what New Zealand is offering.

However, not one to miss on a new business venture, the Second World Economic power has joined in the competition.

Weihai Hongyu Diaoju is China's pro at this new business venture. For a mere 5 yuan (0.73 cents), consumers can already grab a bottle of fresh air that guaranteed to be free of pollutants and comes from either the seashore or the mountain regions.

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