Families of China Cooling Factory Collapse Receive Compensation

By | Dec 01, 2016 10:41 PM EST
Workers assisted to save as many lives after the cooling factory collapsed on Thursday last week.

Workers assisted to save as many lives after the cooling factory collapsed on Thursday last week.(Photo : Getty Images)

Families of the 74 victims who died last Thursday (Nov. 24) after a cooling firm collapsed have agreed to be compensated by the engineering firm responsible for the construction.

An agreement between the Hebei Yineng Tower Engineering and the families of the victims will see each family get 1.2 million yuan ($174,000) for the loss of their loved ones.

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China.Org.cn noted that the DNA tests have been done to match the victims and their family before issuing out the compensation and cremating the 74 victims. Among the Monday victims are the head of Hebei Yineng Tower Engineer and the chief engineer of the construction project.

The engineering has been given the contract to expand the Fengcheng Power Plant. Construction was due to be finished when the incident transpired.

Herald Courier reported that at least 15 people have so far been detained, nine on Monday and six on Tuesday.

Officials were quoted saying that of the six arrested on Tuesday, four were alleged to have "major liability in the accident," while the remaining suspects were for the production and the sale of shoddy products.

No formal charges have so far been made in regard to the 15 culprits who are currently in holding. In similar incidents, however, company and city officials are often charged and prosecuted.

Meanwhile, investigations are still ongoing on the incident.

Factory tragedies are common in the Chinese state. A similar incident that took away 173 lives was witnessed last year when a chemical warehouse in Tianjin exploded. At least 49 people were charged in relation to the Tianjin explosion.

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