John Kerry: US will Remain Committed to 'One China' Policy

By | Jan 06, 2017 05:42 AM EST
US Assures China it Would Maintain the 'One China Policy'

US Secretary of State John Kerry assured Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi that the US will remain committed to the existing 'One China' policy.(Photo : Getty Images)

Amid the current word war between Beijing and US President-elect Donald Trump over several key issues on trade, Taiwan, and the South China Sea, among others, China's foreign minister Wang Yi called on to Beijing and Washington to steer their relations "in the proper direction."

In a phone call to Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday, Wang said that relations between the two countries are at "an all important stage" and that so far, cooperative goals have been hard to reach.

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"Both sides should take great care to jointly safeguard and ensure the proper direction of development in bilateral relations," Wang told Kerry during their phone conversation which was contained in a statement posted on the ministry's website.


For his part, Kerry assured Wang that the two main US parties - Republicans and Democrats - would maintain the "One China" policy despite Trump's recent statement that he is leaving open the possibility of meeting Taiwan president Tsai Lng-wen when she visits the US this month.

Tsai will reportedly stop over in Houston and San Francisco on her way to Latin America to meet her allies. China has been attempting to block Tsai's stopover in the US, asking Washington not to accommodate her at all if she comes to the White House.

Trump had earlier infuriated Beijing after the Republican billionaire accepted a phone call from Tsai, breaking the decades-old "One China" policy of the US in which it recognizes only the Chinese government and considers Taiwan as a breakaway province of China.


Trump had earlier said that he was planning to scrap the "One China" policy unless Beijing enters into some bargain of sorts with the US. China had reacted to Trump's declaration saying the policy was not for sale.

China has become suspicious over Tsai's actions, saying the Taiwanese president was planning to push for formal independence. The Asian giant has repeatedly warned Taiwan that it will use force including an invasion once Taiwan pushes for its independence.

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