Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Chinese Recruit of a Myanmar Rebel Group Detained in Yunnan

Myanmar officials have nabbed a former military personnel turned rebel in Yunnan

(Photo : Getty Images) Myanmar officials nabbed a former military personnel turned rebel in Yunnan after he attempted to enter into China.

A Chinese national who was recruited in the Myanmar Kokang Rebel Group was arrested and detained by police officials in the southwestern province of Yunnan after he tried to sneak back into China.

The recruit, identified as Wu Bo, carried guns and ammunition after he fled from the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army into Lincang prefecture where he was detained by police in the region, according to on Tuesday.

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Following the incident, worry had developed over that a number of Chinese have chose to leave and join the clashes between the rebel groups and the Myanmar army.

The South China Morning Post reported that the Kokang rebel group was among the armed forces that was involved in retaliation against the Myanmar government back in November 2016. The incident left eight people dead and 36 alleged culprits arrested.

The Guardian also noted that attackers from the Rohingyas group, a Muslim Indo-Aryan community from Rakhine, attacked military troops with guns and knives. The troops returned fire but later requested for air assistance after seeing that the rebel army had outnumbered them.

Meanwhile, the UN reported that at least 15,000 people have been affected of the ongoing crisis and have crossed the border into China. 

The mainland has also been accused of tolerating the rebels along its border with Myanmar, although Beijing denied such allegations, saying it is only acting as a mediator.

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