Russia's London Embassy Accuses UK Foreign Secretary of Trying to Start a New Cold War

By | Jan 11, 2017 11:15 AM EST
UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has been accused of preparing a witch-hunt against Russia.(Photo : Getty Images)

The Russian embassy in the United Kingdom has accused the British Foreign Office of preparing to launch a witch-hunt against Russia.

The accusations come in the wake of the United Kingdom Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, saying that Russia has been up "to all sorts of tricks" in the alleged hacking of the US Democratic Party headquarters during the United States Presidential race.

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Johnson accused Kremlin of being behind the attack, in the first time that Theresa May's government has confirmed US intelligence reports linking the hack attacks to Russia.

In a lengthy statement, the Russian embassy claimed that the attacks on Russia by the British government could be partly attributed to Moscow's role in negotiating a ceasefire in war-torn Syria and also its role in convening peace talks.

The embassy claimed the attacks were either designed to lead to a re-run of the European Union referendum or to save the EU project that has come under heavy attack from disappointed electorates.

"Western elites will go to great lengths to save their own world with its Washington consensus and austerity, even if it does no longer benefit anybody else," the embassy statement said, adding that the panic and hysterics are responses to the wider loss of control, which brought about a war 100 years ago.

Speaking at the House of Commons on Tuesday, Johnson said that it was pretty clear that the hacking attack had its origins in Russia.

Johnson said that he told the incoming US Trump administration that the British government is convinced that Russia is up to all sorts of dirty tricks, but it would be folly to further demonize Russia or push it into a corner.

"If you look at what the Russians have done in the Western Balkans and on cyber-warfare, it is clear they are up to no good," Johnson said, adding his opinion that a twin-track of policy engagement and vigilance is required.

Trump has reacted angrily to accusations that Russia tried to help him win last year's Presidential election, and in recognition of this, Johnson stressed that it was important to recognize that there may be areas where the US and the UK could work together.

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