Shanghai Disney Resort Issues Apology After Ride Malfunction

By | Jan 13, 2017 09:11 AM EST
Shanghai Disney Resort

Shanghai Disney Resort issued an apology after one of its rides malfunctioned mid-air with visitors.(Photo : Getty Images)

Shanghai Disney Resort issued an apology statement on Wednesday after one of its rides malfunctioned, leaving nearly 90 people stuck mid-air for over 30 minutes on Tuesday night.

"We offer our deepest apology towards the affected visitors," the statement read. "The cast members on the ground rendered their services and assistance to the visitors in a timely manner."

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The group affected was looking to be entertained at the 4D "Soaring Over The Horizon" ride. However, the trip came to a stop shortly after the visitors were lifted into the air as the indoor flight motion simulator attraction experienced a technical glitch.

The visitors, which were only strapped with safety belts, were suspended six storeys high above the ground with their legs dangling in the air for 30 minutes.

The Jakarta Post reported that one person identified as Xiao Wan, who was on the ride at the time, said that there was total darkness following the incident.

"We were told to keep calm as we wait for it to be fixed," Xiao said.

He added that even though the machine broke down and they were all left suspended mid-air, panic only started when the lights came back.

"It was then when everybody realized they had been elevated so high above the ground. Our legs were dangling," Xiao said.

Rescue workers assisted the hapless people to climb off the ride, one group at a time. Rescue operation ended at 8:18 p.m., the Star Online noted.

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