Police, Tourists Destroy 'Fake' Terracotta Warriors

By | Jan 13, 2017 09:38 AM EST
Police destroyed over 40 fake Terracotta warriors in Shaanxi Province.

Police destroyed over 40 fake Terracotta warriors in Shaanxi Province.(Photo : Getty Images)

Police in China's Xi'an worked hand in hand with tourists to raid and destroy a fake resort, which housed over 40 copycat Terracotta Army on Wednesday night.

The police in the region raided the fake Suyuanqinhuangling resort in Lintong. The resort covered a total of 600 square meters, which displayed the fake army.

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China.org reported that tourists had been misguided to the venue given that it is in the same region where the real Terracotta army is located, according to an area official.

"Offered with high commission, unlicensed guides, and illegal taxi drivers, they often led unsuspecting tourists to the resort to view the fake warriors," the official said. "They not only confused visitors but also damaged the tourism in the district."

He added that a special force has been developed to ensure that any victim found to have been part of the illegal act was brought to justice and also to ensure that no further damage in inflicted in the tourism industry.

The officials had been responding to a growing online concern by various visitors who wanted to view the Terracotta army but sent to a wrong location. The official explained that what ticked the visitors off were the small number and the aging factor of the terracotta warriors on location.

The real Terracotta army has over 7,000 warriors, horses, and chariots and dates back to 1974. They are also housed in Lintong at the world's largest underground mausoleum. The Terracotta army was built to protect Emperor Emperor Qinshihuang the founder of the Qin Dynasty (201-206BC) in the afterlife.

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