US Army Training now Totally Geared Towards Defeating China and Russia in a Conventional War

By | Jan 13, 2017 07:34 AM EST
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U.S. Special Forces(Photo : US Army)

The U.S. Army is through fighting ragtag guerillas in small insurgencies and is instead totally focusing its training and equipment on fighting bloody conventional wars to defeat China and Russia.

It's hard seeing where the U.S. Army will do battle against the People's Liberation Army Ground Force (PLAGF) in Asia other than in an American invasion of the Chinese mainland or in an invasion of North Korea.

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This means most of the ground warfare in Asia will be left to the United States Marine Corps whose forte is amphibious assaults against enemy held island strong points such as China's man-made military garrison islands in the South China Sea.

The Army is training to quickly destroy Putin's Russian Army in a coming war along the western borders of the Russian Federation.

Its live-fire combat training exercises now involve large-scale battles featuring new technologies, drones, tanks, artillery, missiles and armored vehicles.

The Army is expanding its training to include a renewed ability to fight a massive, enemy force and to transition from its 15 years' experience in counterinsurgency. The new and integrated training regime reflects this re-focus on conventional warfare.

This integrated training is called "Decisive Action."

It includes the use of drones; Air Force air assets; Army attack aviation; tanks; armored vehicles; artillery and infantry units.

It spells out the main tactics and techniques being drilled into today's dogfaces. These tactics and techniques are identified by unique Americanisms such "Kill what You Shoot at;" "Synchronize Indirect Fire" and "Call-in 9-Line," (meaning providing aircraft with attack coordinates from the ground).

The more realistic live-fire combat exercises now include a wide range of emerging technologies to better anticipate the tactics, weapons and systems China and Russia are likely to employ.

Key tactics and weapons China and Russia will deploy are aerial drones and swarms of mini-drones; advanced computing technology; electronic warfare to blind the enemy and the use of longer-range precision weaponry such as anti-tank missiles and guided artillery rounds.

Executing Decisive Action means the Army has returned to the Cold War era tactic called "Combined Arms Maneuver."  This warfighting method synchronizes weapons, technologies and war assets to overwhelm, confuse and destroy the enemy.

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