SF Express to Use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Deliver Packages

By | Sep 04, 2013 08:50 AM EDT

(Photo : Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Delivers Packages)

If one day you look up into the sky and find an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with the logo of SF Express on it, please do not be surprised. Yeah, don't bother them; they are delivering packages. According to insiders, yesterday, SF Express was testing its Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to see if it can work well in delivering packages accurately. Later, a related manager from SF Express confirmed the news. He said the UAV would be used to deliver packages in remote regions.

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According to the manager, the UAV is self-developed with independent intellectual property rights by SF Express Co., Ltd. The UAV has eight rotors with a storage area beneath it. Furthermore, there is a GPS navigation system inside the UAV, which can follow the scheduled route and destination. With the high-tech device installed, the UAV will reach the destination automatically within a margin of error of 2 meters. As for the maximum load of the UAV, SF Express says the data is private.

In some remote areas of China, the profits from packages cannot balance for the spending. So if the UAV can come into service in the future, it will improve the efficiency of delivery remarkably and reduce the costs of manpower and material resources. At present, the market price for an aircraft similar to SF's "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles" is around 60,000 yuan, while a special vehicle for SF Express costs up to 90,000 yuan, which means the UAV may supply a short cut for the development of delivery.

Based on an analysis report from a Chinese commercial research laboratory, technically, a delivery UVA can be realized, but there exist some risks at policy level. China's Unmanned Aircraft System Flight Regulations are still in the pipeline. The regulations will give a clear explanation in the future on whether these kinds of aircrafts can be used commercially. As for this, SF Express replies that it is just an innovative attempt for its company and SF will comply with Chinese policy.

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