Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Xi Should Reach out to Trump to Save Sino-US Relations: US Analysts

Xi Should Reach Out to Trump to Save Sino-US Relations: US Analysts

(Photo : Getty Images) US analysts say a meeting between Chinese President Xi and US President Trump should take place immediately to avert further deterioration of the ties between the two superpowers.

Chinese President Xi Jinping should reach out to the newly-installed US President Donald Trump "as early as possible" if he wants to save Sino-US relations, US experts said on Saturday, a day after Trump's inauguration.

Aside from sending his special envoy to Washington, the analysts said that Xi should plan his meeting with Trump immediately and be an involved leader of the free world by being more proactive in terms of economic trade, the Korean Peninsula crisis, Taiwan, and the South China Sea.

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As a gesture of goodwill, Elizabeth Economy, director of Asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, said Xi should start nurturing personal ties with Trump and take steps to repair the relations between the two sides.

Personal Meeting

"A personal meeting between Xi and Trump will help, but I think it depends on how the meeting goes," she said.

Economy said that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to New York to congratulate Trump days after the latter's election victory in November as a "very smart move."

The US analyst said that it would be beneficial for both countries if China refrains from angry outbursts and instead creates avenues for more dialogues between the two superpowers.

Several foreign relations analysts have suggested that Xi and Trump should meet at the G20 Summit in July. A former national security adviser to former Vice President Dick Cheney, Stephen Yates, said the earliest meeting that could be set between the two leaders would be at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation in Vietnam in November.

First Chance

"The first chance for the presidents to meet probably would be at the Apec summit in Vietnam in November," he said.

Yates, who is known for his close ties with the Trump administration, said the new US President would likely forgo the G20 Summit in Germany, but it would be ''unusual' for the president to not attend the APEC forum.

"But it would be really unusual if he did not attend Apec. On the margins of Apec, it would be the latest opportunity for a face-to-face meeting to take place," he said.

Yates said Xi is highly unlikely to be invited to Washington this year citing the difficult arrangements that will have to be made during formal state visits. 

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