Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Improved China-Italy Relations to Focus on Culture, Innovation & More

China-Italy Relations

(Photo : Flickr/Dennis Jarvis) Improved China-Italy Relations to Focus on Culture, Innovation

China-Italy relations received a major boost as the two countries signed 13 cooperative agreements which included scientific and cultural innovation plans.

Analysts view these agreements as a way to showcase the two nations' shared economic engines that aim to reduce downward pressure, China Daily reported. 

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The documents were signed on Wednesday by no less than Chinese and Italian Presidents Xi Jinping and Sergio Mattarella after their meeting in Beijing. It is Matarella's first state visit to China since he assumed office in 2015.

He is the first state leader to be welcomed by Chinese leaders this year. Seen to further strengthen China-Italy relations, the agreements include the establishment of an epark for boosting local innovation, as well as the China-Italy design innovation base.

At the meeting, Xi  emphasized the need for the two countries to "keep an eye on the latest round of scientific and industrial revolution in the world," while strengthening cooperation in the field of innovation.

Moreover, the Chinese leader also expressed his country's willingness to improve communication in the areas of global governance and multiculturalism. The reinforcement of China-Italy relations comes at a crucial time.

This year marks the ascension of Italy as a non-permanent member of the National Security Council.

According to Matarella, Italy is getting ready to improve its communication with China in global affairs, and in pushing for an open multi-lateral world trade system.

"China supports European integration and hopes both sides foster China-Europe partnerships that feature peace, growth, reform and civilization, and build a peaceful, open, inclusive and prosperous world," Xi said in remarks during the meeting, reported Xinhua

For his part, Mattarella explained that the purpose of his visit to China was mainly to deepen China-Italy relations, adding that his country is looking forward to closer high-level exchanges and cooperation in trade and culture.

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