Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Xiaomi Unveils Smart Sportswear Shoes with Intel Chip

Xiaomi’s “90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear” costs CNY 299.

(Photo : Twitter) Xiaomi’s “90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear” costs CNY 299.

Xiaomi has expanded its product range even further, unveiling a new pair of smart sports footwear under its Mijia platform.

The smart sports footwear is called “90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear”. It is developed by Runmi Technology powered by Intel’s Curie chip. The 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear is the first smart shoes of Xiaomi and it was designed for professional athletes and runners. 

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Xiaomi’s “90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear” comes with arch design and anti-skid features. It uses foam-like material that offers comfort. The smart sports shoes had other features including antibacterial removable insoles and air cushion.

The Intel's compact Curie chip stores all the fitness related data of the wearer including distance covered, speed, calories lost, and more. Xiaomi’s smart shoes are capable of detecting different types of movement, determining whether the wearer is walking, running, or climbing. The Intel chip can be used up to 60 days with one full charge.

The new smart sports footwear from Xiaomi will be available in four color variants: Black and Surf Blue for men and Black and Pink for women. There is also a special “Blue Edition” of the shoes, which glows in the dark. It features luminous material to make the runner visible to motorists and passersby at night. 

Xiaomi’s “90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear” is currently available for purchase exclusively in China. It is available for pre-order from the Mi Home website and the Chinese tech firm will start the shipment on April 15. Interested buyers can buy the smart sports footwear for CNY 299 or about $43.

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