Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Xiaomi Unveils Mi VR Play 2 in China

Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 costs CNY 99 or around $14 and available in China only.

(Photo : Twitter) Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 costs CNY 99 or around $14 and available in China only.

Xiaomi has launched the Mi VR Play 2 in China, which is the successor of the original Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset.

According to the company, it has made a number of improvements that will make quite a bit of difference to those who pick up the headset and distinguish it from its predecessor. The Mi VR Play 2 has a lighter design and it only works when connected to smartphone. It VR headset is only available in black color variant. There is no word if Xiaomi will add other color options in the future.

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Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 focused on comfort of the user. It has used a new cloth-like material to design the headset, making the Mi VR Play 2 more comfortable to wear during extended usage. It now offers better ventilation, letting the air circulate around the user’s face to prevent chafing and discomfort when using the VR headset. 

The Chinese tech firm also said that the Mi VR Play 2 will be easier to use when placing the smartphones into it. It will be offering VR content and apps as well as 360-degree videos.

Its design has changed, sporting rounded edges in contrast to its predecessor which has a rectangular shape. A button is placed on top of the headset which would essentially be for navigation and a band is attached to the headset as well.

Moreover, it comes with a single elastic nylon headband instead of the adjustable straps found in Xiaomi Mi VR Play last year. The pair of plastic glasses inside offers 93-degree field of vision. The rear aspect of the headset face is lined with a padded porous material to make the face rest properly when in use.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 costs CNY 99 or around $14. It will be available in China starting on April 19. 

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