Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Residents Complain About 'Too Tall' Bus Stop Signs


(Photo : GETTY IMAGES) Bus stop.

Residents of Jianyang City at Sichuan are complaining to the local government about the county's over-the-top bus stop signs, and by over-the-top, we mean actually too tall. 

The signs average 2.6 meters tall, with the highest measuring 3.48 meters. Commuters complain that they can't see the sign because of its height and the text because the font is too small. 

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"It's really a challenge to see the stops listed on the signs because it's too tall," a resident said. They have been complaining about it for many years. 

The bus company reasoned that the height of the bus stop signs were designed to be that tall so they will not injure the heads of passengers. A proposal to shorten them has been stuck in the local government level for more than two years. 

"The renovations have already been included in our plan, we are just waiting for it to be approved," a city government official said. Should it be approved, the bus company estimated the costs to be more than 600,000 yuan. 

Commuters and Chinese netizens joke that even Yao Ming, a very tall international basketball player, can't read the bus sign. 

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