Businessman Deposits 200,000 Yuan in Coins

By | Apr 14, 2017 11:15 PM EDT

The bank's employees are rendering overtime to count the coins.(Photo : Handout)

A bank in Henan province received 50 boxes of change worth more than 200,000 yuan from a businessman. 

The depositor, Xiao Junqiang, drove to the rural credit cooperative with more than 50 boxes of Chinese banknotes and coins ranging from 50 cents to one yuan. The bank manager and its employees were stunned. 

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Xiao owns a restaurant in the countryside and did not deposit the huge amount of money due to spite, but because that was what one of his debtors paid him. The debtor works in public transport and saved the cash in one year. He paid Xiao with over 50 boxes worth between 2,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan. 

Xiao deposited a total of 229,300 yuan. The bank manager accepted the deposit but admitted that it will take a month to count the change. Unfortunately, the slow progress may lengthen the wait. 

Seven bank employees have been counting the deposited money during their free time and render one hour of overtime, but they only counted 80,000 yuan in one week. Their fingertips have turned black from holding the notes and coins. 

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