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Indian Navy, Royal Australian Navy Joint Exercise to Train for War against ‘Common Enemy’

Common enemy

(Photo : IN/RAN) INS Shivalik (top) and HMAS Newcastle firing a missile.

Warships of the Indian Navy (IN) and Royal Australian Navy (RAN) will train together from June 17-19 in the waters off Western Australia as part of Exercise Australia-India 2017 (AUSINDEX 17), which will be held to prepare both navies for confronting a common enemy (China).

AUSINDEX is the first-ever bilateral military exercise in Australian waters involving the IN and RAN. It aims to develop "a deeper understanding and cooperation between the two navies."

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This will be the second AUSINDEX exercise. The first was held in the Bay of Bengal off India in 2015.

"AUSINDEX is the centerpiece naval exercise held between Australia and India and is an important component of this year's fleet program," said Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer, Commander Australian Fleet, who commands all RAN combat forces and is responsible for all maritime operations within the Australian Defense Force (ADF).

"AUSINDEX is a terrific opportunity to increase our interoperability and enhance the professional interaction of two great navies. Amidst a very busy operational program for the Indian Navy, I am pleased to welcome their ships to Fremantle and look forward to a challenging and rewarding sea program," noted Adm. Mayer.

The three Indian Navy warships that will participate in AUSINDEX 17 are already docked at Fremantle.

This squadron consists of INS Shivalik (F-47), lead-ship of India's first class of stealth multi-role frigates; INS Kamorta (P-28), the first of four anti-submarine Kamorta-class stealth corvettes and the INS Jyoti (A-58), a Komandarm Fedko-class replenishment oiler.

The Royal Australian Navy will send HMAS Newcastle (FFG-06), one of four Adelaide-class guided missile frigates; HMAS Waller (SSG-75), a Collins-class diesel-electric submarine, as well as Clearance Diving Team Four, an elite diving and special operations unit.

The Clearance Diving Branch is the elite diving unit of the RAN whose role covers all spheres of military diving, and includes explosive ordnance disposal and maritime counter-terrorism.

A number of Lockheed P3 Orion anti-submarine and maritime reconnaissance aircraft of the Royal Australian Air Force will also take part in AUSINDEX 17.

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