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Future Trends: Millennials And Luxury Gaming

Future Trends: Millennials And Luxury Gaming

(Photo : Pixabay) Macau Casino At Night

Millennials get a lot of stick from Baby Boomers about how much cash they spend on smashed avocado, beard oil and craft ale. But a lot of this moaning is down to jealousy. Because when it comes to going out and having fun, there are just so many more options available to the younger generations.

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This is especially true if you're a fan of luxury gaming. All sorts of new and exciting venues are popping up around the world to offer unique, fresh experiences aimed at people who enjoy the finer things in life. So here is a look at just some of the options that are available at the moment, and a few predictions about the trends that will shape the market in the future.


Sure, you could splash out on a VR headset to use at home. But you'll only end up flailing around in your living room, smashing ornaments and getting bored quickly. So why not opt for something much more impressive and immersive that doesn't out-stay its welcome?

That's exactly what you get with IMAX VR, which is available at a number of dedicated Experience Centres in places like Bangkok, Shanghai, New York, Los Angeles and Manchester.

The equipment used is cutting edge, with complete motion tracking capabilities and awe-inspiring visuals that put domestic VR setups to shame. Coupled with controllers that deliver force feedback to really put you into the action, you will be amazed by the realism.

Many of the IMAX VR experiences are tied into major movie franchises, as you would imagine given the firm's links to the silver screen. So you can expect to take part in lightsaber battles from the Star Wars universe, or see what it's like to get blood on your hands in a gun fight alongside pooch-loving assassin John Wick.

Drone Racing

Virtual reality is one thing, but what if you could get behind the controls of a physical craft and pilot it at high speed through incredible courses, all without putting yourself in danger? That's where drone racing comes into its own. It's just one of a number of mixed reality sports that are rising to prominence today.

If you want to combine the ultimate in luxury with your drone racing experience, head to Dubai. The city has played host to the World Drone Prix, where professional teams of racers compete for big money prizes. And with plenty of iconic hotels and exquisite retail outlets to check out on your visit, you can combine high-octane entertainment with relaxation.

MGM Cotai

If you dig casinos, you'll love the MGM Cotai resort, which opened its doors in February of 2018 and cost a whopping $3.4 billion to build. Half a decade in the making, it represents the ultimate in luxury, combining stunning modern architecture with exceptional accommodation in one of the hippest parts of Macau.

In terms of entertainment, the incredible 'dynamic theatre' experience is perhaps the most intriguing asset that the resort has to offer. The only venue of its kind in Asia, it blends live performances with other sensory inputs to stimulate audiences in ways they've never felt before.

The developers claim that the entire design of the resort is laid out in a way that engages visitors and will take their breath away. Although presumably after a few hours this effect wears off and you'll want to investigate the table games, slots and other attractions.

Live Poker

Online poker is a growing phenomenon, but destinations like Las Vegas, Macau and Atlantic City continue to draw in hordes of gaming fans. Playing at a live table is a much more immersive experience, giving you a better opportunity to interact with your opponents and enjoy the luxury surroundings.

Macau, in particular, is a favorite haunt of many professional players, with a range of poker rooms in Macau available like Wynn, Venetian Macau and Babylon Casino. There's a great mix of tourists and businessmen alike which makes for action packed games and a diverse range of play offerings.

Although technology like VR is becoming more sophisticated, there is still a huge demand for physical gaming experiences that offer comfort and luxury and we don't expect this to change for a long time.

Tokyo Arcades

Gaming arcades may have disappeared from most parts of the world, but in Japan, they are still going strong. And if you want to enjoy some truly weird and wacky experiences, hop on the next flight to Tokyo.

From sumo wrestling against a plastic figure in a test of strength, to pulling a real-life tablecloth from underneath virtual glassware, there is nothing that Japan's finest gaming minds have not dreamt up to capture players' imaginations. And because the market is still so vibrant, there are always new titles being released, which means no two trips to the arcade will be the same.

As VR and AR take off, you can expect that they will influence the Japanese arcade experience as well, which will surely turn the oddness up to 11.

Looking Ahead

There is no doubt that mixed reality, or augmented reality, will come to play a bigger role in luxury gaming experiences in the near future. The opportunities to immerse people in a combination of the real and the digital are endless. And even existing games and activities can be enhanced and expanded using this technology.

From bringing a bit more realism to paintball, to turning bland warehouse spaces into fully realised, interactive art installations, millennials will be able to enjoy an ever-growing list of fresh things to do and see.

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