“The Voice of China” Season 2 Broadcast in Taiwan: Ratings Lower Than Expected

By | Sep 10, 2013 04:29 PM EDT

The voice of Chin
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According to United Daily News in Taiwan, the second season of "The Voice of China", which has been well received in Chinese mainland and involved Taiwanese stars, has been broadcast on Taiwan's CTi Variety for the first time on September 7th, 2013. The ratings of the newly broadcast TV show reached 0.88 on average, which were lower than expected judging from its popularity in Chinese mainland.

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However, a great number of middle-aged and elderly audiences, who don't know how to watch Internet streaming videos, can now watch the TV show on television. They are happy with the convenience of watching the localized version of "The Voice of China" Season 2, in which simplified Chinese has been replaced by traditional Chinese and the host speaking which contained embedded ads has also been removed.  

"The Voice of China" Season 2 has already been broadcast in Chinese mainland for a few weeks. It was last Saturday when it first appeared on CTi Variety in Taiwan. In the first episode, contestants showed their strength. Ye Binghuan, nicknamed as "Little Prince of Portamento" by his coach Zhang Huimei, received most attention from Taiwanese audiences. The television rating for his part reached 1.21, which made him overjoyed. "I'm so surprised, excited and thankful. Thank you for the support from my Taiwanese friends. I felt stupid when I saw myself giggling on the stage. People kept questioning why I always giggled like that. Actually, it was only because I was very shy when people looked at me and talked with me," said Ye Binghuan.

Ye Binghuan watched "The Voice of China" Season 2 with his parents at home. His parents cheered and jumped for joy when seeing him performing on the stage, which brought him an immersive and nervous feel, "I felt I returned to the stage when I watched the TV show again at home. Although the place remained the same, I still felt nervous. When my parents cheered for me in the living room, I even felt a little embarrassed."

In the following episodes, Taiwanese contestants such as Ye Weiting and Lin Xinyi will appear in the TV show. However, except Ye Binghuan, all the other Taiwanese contestants have already been eliminated.

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