Updated 6:02 PM EDT, Wed, Apr 01, 2020

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eBay Pressured as Hacks on Users Continue, Users feel unsafe

eBay has been experiencing hacking problems for months and many security researchers are calling them out to do something about the "dangerous listings" threatening users.

Over 100 listings identified so far are asking users to reveal their personal data.  Users are directed to "phishing sites" that coax them into giving their account numbers and passwords.

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It was also found that the listings have been hacked. The "sellers," which are fake accounts, appear to be 100 percent legit to unsuspecting users since hackers have posted positive feedbacks and show they've sold a lot of items.

"Sellers" are using really fancy animations and edits to make their sites even more exciting to entice buyers into purchasing items from them.

One expert from a security firm said the main concern about the eBay hacking is that hackers are redirecting users to these websites requiring bank account and credit card details because the site is presented as if it's still under eBay.

eBay has responded to this by saying they don't have any plans to remove any active content on their site. It did say it will continue to review all its features and content to assure their customers and users that they're safe on their website.

According to the experts, most of the malicious listings have this message: "Contact me before you bid."

Also, users get locked out form their accounts and get e-mails saying they have sold something when in fact they have not listed any item of that sort. If and when this happens, it's suggested that the seller or the user should e-mail eBay right away.

eBay has yet to comment and really do something to stop this crime.

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