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Pariscience International Film Festival and more science film festivals on October 2014

Pariscience International Film Festival featuring films from all over the entire world in the fields of science and engineering will be an agenda for Paris, Bristola or Vienna tourists and locals. This yearly event awaits by many will be held on October 2 - 7 at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris.

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Along with this international competitions are, Ccompetition Science Television, in which 12 films will be competing with qualified personality exemplification of science, good audiovisual and media. Another one is, Competition Grand Ecran, in which 5 films will compete for one grand prize with qualified exemplification and pure in animation of science.

With more than 100 viewers, guests and contestants, 57 films have been chosen, 22 films from foreign countries and 28 films from France. Film submissions come from different participating countries usually supported by scientists, directors and film enthusiasts.

Other film festivals scheduled in Bristol, UK would be a must-visit too, Wildscreen Film Festival will also be held October 19 - 24, 2014. This competition for international accredited films, was inspired by nature and wildlife natural places. David Attenborough, is a named director for "Rise of Animals: From Seas to the Skies", he will be also an attending special guest for the film festival.

Another film festival must-visit would be BioFiction 2014, and will be held October 23-25 at the Museum of Natural History in Vienna, Austria. This year with an emerging and developing biological topics, the jury received 100 film submissions from 17 different participating countries.

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