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Kate Tsui and Carat Cheung Will Have Many Cat-Fight Scenes in 'Harmony is a Virtue'

By | Oct 04, 2014 05:00 AM EDT

Hong Kong actress Kate Tsui reveals that she will be having a lot of cat-fight scenes with her co-star Carat Cheung for their roles in the upcoming TVB comedy 'Harmony is a Virtue'.

Last September 30, Tsui attended the blessing ceremony before the debut of her drama, 'Harmony is a Virtue' along with actors Joe Ma and Johnson Lee and revealed that she will be having lots of fight scenes with Cheung.

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In the story, Kate Tsui plays the role of a mediator who is married to Stefan Wong's character. However, Cheung's character will go between Tsui's character and that of Wong, becoming a third party in the marriage.

As it is the case, Tsui will be having lots of arguments and fights with Cheung, commenting that it was quite ironic how her job in the show is a mediator.

"It's funny how she has to fight while portraying a mediator," says Tsui about her role in 'Harmony is a Virtue'.

She revealed to have filmed a rather intense scene with Cheung, resulting to a knee injury later. Other than that, there was a scene wherein she had to hit Ma with her high heels and it bruised the actor's hand.

Besides having fight scenes with Cheung, Tsui also revealed that she will be having a fight scene with Tracy Chu as well, adding that there will be a lot of fight scenes with all comedic and over-the-top.

When asked if she would deal with a cheating dilemma in real life the same way her character did in the drama, she said it would be the opposite. "I'm a quail in real life," says Tsui, adding that if a man has another woman in his life, there was no sense fighting for it.

On the other hand, Tsui's character will also be linked to Ma and when asked if she will be having kissing scenes with him, the actor stated that they did not know for sure if they will.

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