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World's Top Universities in 2014

Harvard University

(Photo : Reuters) Harvard University faces two issues related to anal sex workshop and taking photos of students and staff secretly.

The annual survey of Times Higher Education World University Rankings showed that American and European universities once again topped among other schools worldwide, while there is a notable rise in the rank among Asian universities.

The California Institute Technology remained number one in the survey for four straight years now. Harvard University comes second.

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There are seven (7) American universities at the top; however, it lost three spots at the top 200 for this year. According to Times, there is a huge 60 percent drop in American universities' ranking for this year.

Top 10 universities according to the 2014 Times Higher Education World University Rankings:

  1. California Institute of Technology (US)
  2. Harvard University (US)
  3. University of Oxford (UK)
  4. Stanford University (US)
  5. University of Cambridge (UK)
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)
  7. Princeton University (US)
  8. University of California - Berkeley (US)
  9. Imperial College London (UK)
  10. Yale University (US) 

The survey also showed that there is an increase of Asian universities in the rank. There are twenty-four universities from East Asia that made it at top 200.

Asian universities that made it at Top 200:

  1. (23) University of Tokyo (Japan)
  2. (25) National University of Singapore (Singapore)
  3. (43) University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
  4. (48) Peking University (China)
  5. (49) Tsinghua University (China)
  6. (50) Seoul National University (South Korea)
  7. (51) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong)
  8. (52) Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea)
  9. (59) Kyoto University (Japan)
  10. (61) Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings is an annual survey being conducted by the UK publication, Times Higher Education (THE).  Thirteen criteria are being applied in the ranking of universities which included aspects in knowledge transfer, research, teaching and international outlook.

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