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Edison Chen Sticks Out His Middle Finger At a Fan Taking His Photo

By | Oct 14, 2014 10:00 AM EDT

Edison Chen flashes the dirty finger at a fan who photographed him while walking on the streets of Paris!

Canadian-born Hong Kong actor and singer Edison Chen had been spotted in Paris walking hand-in-hand with his Korean-Chinese girlfriend Ann Hong. The 34-year old celeb was at the city to attend a fashion event and roamed the streets later when he allegedly stuck his middle finger out when a fan dared to take his photo.

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In one of the photos taken by the fan, Chen could clearly be seen sticking his middle finger out at the direction of the camera with an unhappy expression on his face as he continued to walk. Beside him, Hong was bowing her head, seemingly embarrassed by what has happened.

On another photograph that was captured by the same fan, the singer-actor, who launched his own fashion brand CLOT, Inc., can be seen scowling at the person who was taking the snapshot.

The fan, who took the photos, felt very disappointed at how Chen behaved. In turn, the fan uploaded said photos to her personal Weibo account. In the post, she wrote that as his fan, it was a rare chance for her to meet Chen in Paris during a fashion week. The fan expressed her disappointment and stated that she was upset to have been treated in such a way by the actor.

The public's reaction over Chen's behavior towards the fan was divided with some speculating that the fan who took the photos was being impolite. They said that the fan definitely deserved the kind of treatment she was given during the incident.

On the other hand, the singer-actor is also receiving criticism for what he did. Netizens have commented that the actor should not have acted in such a way and should have been more polite as he was, after all, a public figure.

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