Updated 5:14 PM EST, Fri, Dec 19, 2014

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Han Lei Won at “I am a Singer - Season 2”


Han Lei bagged the championship in "I am a Singer - Season 2" on Friday with 28.31 percent of votes in the last three rounds of the competition, including the votes in the semi final.

G.E.M. Deng Zi Qi, a long-time crowd favorite, landed on second place with 24.95 percent of votes, while Malaysian Shila Amzah placed sixth.

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Netizens believe that Han garnered the season's championship for inviting a popular actor Zhang Jia Yi as his guest singer, just as the previous season's champion, Yu Quan, did.

Han also followed his predecessor's act of passing the microphone to the audience for a better chorus atmosphere, not to mention the performer-audience rapport it created.

"As a singer with many years of accumulated inspiration, the most happiness is to receive respect, listening, and understanding," Han said as bowed to thank the audience.

Second-placer G.E.M. became extremely popular in Mainland China through the competition.

Although she did not land in first place, she was voted as No. 1 Vocal King among the seven finalists with 785,000 out of 2,414,910 votes cast by netizens on Weibo.

Zhang Jie and Zhou Bi Chang, two popular young singers, placed No. 2 and No. 3, respectively, in the special award.

Malaysian singers and celebrities, including Shila Amzah, have become subjects of scorn after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, a situation which may have brought Shila down to sixth place in the finals.

"Being able to work with the great production team from Hunan TV, great musicians, great competitors, great audience is already more than enough for me," Shila said.

Aside from the seven finalists, eliminated singers Wei Wei, Station Power, and Pin Guan also attended the final in Hunan on Friday.

Around 20 celebrities attended the show, including guest singers JJ Lin, Khalil Fong and Zhang Jia yi, and two famous hosts, Wang Han and He Jiong. 



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