Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Bend Test is the New Torture Test Standards for Devices

iPad Air 2′s front panel

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Until September, torture tests to assess the physical strength of newly released smartphones and tablets always included dropping the gadget from a certain height, hitting it with hammers and scratching the screen and back covers with keys and coins, and dunking it in water.

However, after the #bendgate scandal when some owners of the newly released iPhone 6 of Apple discovered their smartphones bend when it is placed inside the pants pocket for a prolonged period of time, a new standard was established.

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Bending the device has become a benchmark now.

The latest to undergo the bend test, and unfortunately fail, is again another Apple device - the iPad Air 2. Mashable reports that a new video posted on YouTube showed the tablet did not only bend but even broke into two pieces.

The bend test made by YouTube user Martin Macht is both a boon and bane to Apple as latest data indicate that while sales of its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus broke records in Q3, sales of iPads are downhill.

But to Apple's relief, the body of the newly launched iPad Air 2 may be weaker because it is thinner; however, the device itself was still working despite being snapped into two pieces.

News of the broken iPad Air 2 is now quickly spreading on social media. Macht's bend test has gone viral on YouTube with more than 250,000 hits in just two days.

In Twitter, comments are being posted on the results of Macht's bend test.

Teasing readers, aoll wrote: "Can the 6.1mm thin iPad Air 2 survive a bend test? You probably know how it end."

pascal confirmed that Apple's newest tablet is "extremely bendy," while Wojtek Pietrusiewicz was furious at the need to make new gadgets go through a bend test when Macht "could have given it to charity instead."

Mike ZomBeasly loves how YouTube watchers are furious at the result of the bend test, and Filip Radelic shared that a light force such as resting the head on a bag with an iPad inside is enough to bend the gadget. He said it happened to the iPad mini of a friend.

However, some netizens also question the need for a bend test. Steven Phillips shared his sentiment when he tweeted: "The new iPads look impressive, but you can guarantee that some idiot will post a bend test video on release day!"

Brad Reed pleaded, "People please do not put the iPaid Air 2 through a bend test. You're not meant to carry it around in your pocket & it's too pretty to ruin."

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