Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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China Protects Whistleblowers in its Anti-Corruption Campaign

China Protects Whistleblowers In Its Anti-Corruption Drive

(Photo : Reuters) Chinese authorities have stepped up its anti-corruption drive by providing legal protection to whistleblowers

Chinese authorities have upped the ante in its anti-corruption campaign by ensuring the legal protection of whistleblowers who report government officials' malpractice to the anti-corruption team.

As part of their ongoing crackdown on corruption among the Communist Party and central government, top Chinese prosecutors have laid out the rights of the whistleblowers for the first time since President Xi Jinping launched the anti-corruption drive after assuming office in 2012.

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The prosecuting body has urged Chinese citizens to expose and report corruption of government officials in a lawful manner using official channels and promised a quick response.

Reports said the fact that the Chinese government reassures the public's safety in reporting corrupt officials highlights the refusal of many whistleblowers to come forward and report about corruption practices.

In addition, those reporting about the wrongdoing of the officials usually face violent reprisals.

China's Supreme Court said in a statement that for the first time that it had clarified the rights the whistleblowers enjoy, such as the right to protection and to receiving rewards.

"After receiving a report from someone who provides his real name, the procuratorate should do a risk assessment and must, in a timely manner, implement a protection plan and prevent reprisals on the whistle-blower," it said.

The prosecuting body has urged citizens to file reports via a telephone hotline and website set up by the anti-corruption team of the government.

Reports said China will not give legal protection to citizens who do not use the official channels in reporting about corruption.

Ever since the launch of the  anti-corruption drive two years ago, several bloggers have been harassed and beaten as they posted their allegations online

A blogger, Li Jianxin, was stabbed on the face last July by two unidentified attackers who also splashed acid on his back. His right eye has been said to be blinded due to the incident.

The attack came after Li's act of posting accusations of malpractice and misconduct  in Guangdong Province.

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