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Ariel Lin and Charles Lin Hold a Star-Studded Engagement Party in Taiwan

By | Oct 31, 2014 03:36 AM EDT

Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin and her boyfriend, businessman Charles Lin, has finally held their engagement party in Taipei, Taiwan last October 29, Wednesday, prior to their wedding which will be held on December 24.

Ariel and Charles are finally engaged! The engagement party, which coincided with the actress' 32nd birthday, was a star-studded event attended by almost 500 guests.  Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, celebrity couple Blackie Chen and Christine Fan, Daniel Chan, Janine Chang, Hu Ge and more were said to have attended the special occasion.

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The banquet for said occasion reportedly cost 1 million NTD with more than 700 wedding patry boxes distributed to the guests.

Ariel, who looked stunning in an aqua dress, kissed her boyfriend in front of the cameras for the first time. The bride-to-be also expressed her thank to the guests who came to the party.

"I'm actually very nervous but I'm very happy today," said the 32-year old actress. "I feel so blessed!"

Ariel also explained that the wedding, which was planned to be held on Christmas Eve, will be attended by people who are mostly from Charles' side of the family, emphasizing that the guest list would not consists of celebrities like herself.

The actress ha also shared that she wants to go to the South Pole for her honeymoon in order to make it memorable. She has also initially explained that after the wedding, she and husband will be settling in California as his business is located in said place.

Despite being all-smiles and excited during her engagement party, the actress shared that she was not able to sleep the night before.

After noticing that Ariel was tired from not being able to get enough sleep, Charles has taken over the microphone and took center stage by explaining how he proposed to the actress back in March.

When Ariel went for an interview at school, I got the flowers ready at a hotel in New York," he began to explain. "I told the server that he can bring the ring upon my signal. The ring was supposed to be in the washroom, but he put it on the sofa so I just went along with it and knelt down."

However, despite his romantic move, Ariel took a long time to think about his proposal, saying that she had been too scared to respond that time, but eventually said yes.

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