Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Girlfriend Says No to Chinese Man's "99 iPhones" Marriage Proposal

"Can't Buy Me Love," said the Beatles and it's true in the case of a young Guangzhou programmer's marriage proposal to his girlfriend.

The programmer bought 99 iPhone 6s and organized the phones in the shape of heart as a part of his marriage proposal in front of a sizeable crowd of friends and onlookers. This over the top proposal took place before the anticipated "Singles' Day" event in China every November 11.

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The girl turned down the offer of marriage.

The programmer thought it was about time to tie the knot with his girlfriend. His plan would have prevented them from being one of the participants in the November 11 festivities of the singles.

The young programmer's gimmick cost him two-years' salary and about US$82,000 (RMB 500,000) for the 99 iPhone 6s.

In just a few hours, photos of the rejection surfaced on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo.

The Nafnang, a community site based in China's Pearl River Delta, said the lad shouldn't worry about reselling the iPhone 6s since demand for the phone remains high in China.

"99 iPhones" became a Twitter trending topic on Tuesday. Users accompanied it with Jay Z's famous song "99 Problems."

Weibo users have different takes on that rejection. One user commented the guy's move was stupid. Another one asked, "How many kidneys did it take to buy those phones?" which refers to previous reports of a young man that sold his kidney to purchase an iPhone.

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