Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Electric Love Hyperlapse Creates Buzz on YouTube

A digital artist named Android Jones has posted a video on YouTube to visually explain time lapse art. The video's been dubbed one of the most amazing creations ever uploaded on the video-sharing site.

The video is called the "electric love Hyper Lapse" lasts four minutes and depicts Jones' imagination. The creation was made possible by software that created an amazingly surrealistic vision. The video aims to show how the first cyborg kiss might look like.

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electric love Hyper Lapse is at

Android Jones said he used Corel's Painter, ZBrush, Adobe Photoshop CC, digital painting, and sculpting tools commonly used by 3D artists.

Jones said the thrill of the art for him is the ability to see the project being created. He added that he recorded over 18 hours of work that was completed in several weeks.

He calls his work a "trans-dimensional art" that makes the evolution of consciousness more advanced as creative singularity is approached.

Jones has already shown his works in exhibits in different events such as the Burning Man and other art festivals.

Jones illustrates his work via projectors, electronic music and dance performances. His wife, Phaedra Ana, is also his collaborator.

Jones has designed a truck called "The Night Rainbow" that serves as a mobile art studio. He wants to create art even if he's on the go.

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