Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Academic Pressure Causes Suicide Among Adolescents, Research Says

An education report announced on Tuesday that the test-oriented school system is the root of most suicide cases among young students in elementary and middle schools in China.

Based on the 2014 Annual Report on China Education, also known as the Blue Book of Education, majority of the teenagers who committed suicide are in middle school, and they killed themselves primarily because they cannot stand the heavy pressure brought by the test-oriented school system in the country.

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The report was released on Tuesday.

The Blue Book was compiled and released by a nonprofit organization called 21st Century Education Research Institute, which focuses on research about education. The organization is comprised of academic professors as well as experts from the academe.

Teenage suicides became an alarming concern in the society after the rise of such reported cases in 2013.

One of such cases happened in Hohhot on January 11, 2013, where a middle school student killed himself by jumping from the rooftop of a building after finding out that his grades dropped in a test.

Another case happened on May 2, when a 13-year-old boy from Nanjing, Jiangsu province committed suicide by hanging himself because he failed to finish an assignment.

In June 22 of the same year, a schoolgirl from Sichuan province ended her life by drinking poison and cutting her wrist after she found out that her scores in the college entrance exam is not enough to make her qualify for a slot in the university.

Professor Cheng Pingyuan of Nanjian Normal University, the leader of the research, said that the students commit suicide because of the pressure in their studies.

By assessing 79 incidents of suicides committed by primary and middle school students in 2013, Cheng discovered that 92.7 percent of these are done because of too much pressure in school or after an argument with a teacher.

Out of the 79 cases, 28 were students in high school while 33 were students in middle school,signifying the sensitivity of students during their adolescent years.

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