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Premier Commits To Carry On Fight Against Poaching And Ivory Trade

China is serious in its commitment to protect wildlife and will do everything within its power and capability to fight poaching and ivory smuggling, according to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Saturday.

The premier voiced China's commitment to support the protection of wildlife to Chinese and foreign journalists after his visit with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta at the Ivory Burning Site Monument in the Nairobi National Park.

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China deeply acknowledges and respects Kenya's serious and consistent efforts in the protection of wildlife that have resulted in very significant achievements, Li said. China shares the same commitment as Kenya on the issue, the premier added.

"Our visit to the monument together shows that the two sides are cooperating in good faith to jointly combat poaching and ivory smuggling, and protect wildlife," the Chinese leader said.

The visit likewise shows that China is serious in providing any form of assistance it is capable of giving to assist Kenya in improving their capabilities of wildlife protection, Li further said.

China in recent years has taken steps to address the increasing incidence of illegal trade and smuggling of ivory world-wide by resorting to legal actions and establishing inter-agency response procedures to help stop the crime.

During the first few months of the current year, China confiscated and destroyed 6.1 tons of ivory and will continue to work together with Kenya and with other countries in protection of the environment and wildlife, Li said.

The premier also said that China will support and promote the concept to the rest of the world that protecting wildlife will protect our common home, and protecting bio-diversity will ensure that the Earth we call home will retain its colorfulness.

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