Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Google Adds Features For Mobile Search Results In Time For Holiday Shopping

Google's enhanced search engine options

(Photo : Google) Google has added features for mobile and tablet users so as to easily shop for products.

Search engine giant Google updated its website over the weekend to cater to shoppers looking through the internet for Christmas shopping ideas.

Google included fancier functions for mobile and tablet users to let them search and shop more easily. The tweaks show extra information about products shoppers want to buy. And it's all because of Black Friday.

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New info includes where the product's available and reviews about it. You no longer have to click the "shopping" tab of Google to gain access to this info. Basically, the info just pops-up along with the products.

Google also added an option allowing shoppers to use either a 3D or a 360-degree rotation tool to view products.

Google said half the number of people with ages between 25 and 34 use their smartphones to shop even if they're already in the store. Google said the additional features will help these shoppers multitask and track down the items they want to buy.

Shoppers are also encouraged not to visit the stores and to just find great deals over the internet. The features are available now so shoppers can get the feel of it before the holiday rush kicks in.

Extra info from Google reveals that after Thanksgiving, 27 percent of users start going to Google to ask questions such as: "What time do stores open on Black Friday?", "What time does Black Friday start?", "When does Black Friday end?" and "What to buy on Black Friday?"

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