Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Air China Opens New Beijing-Washington Route

Air China

(Photo : Reuters) Air China planes in the runway of Beijing International Airport.

Beijing and Washington are now formally linked after Air China officially launched a direct flight towards the two destinations. Analysts say that the move would reflect a huge leap in business possibilities.

The new flight which now links China and the United States will take a 13 hour route. The flight to Washington will fly four times a week and would become the sixth direct route the United States from China by the airline company.

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Air China vice president Wang Yinxiang said that the company is pleased that two of the greatest key cities in the world are now linked through the new flight from Beijing.

Wang added that the new flight would provide greater links in promoting trade, commerce and tourism between Beijing and Washington.

Tsinghua University's Center for US-China Relations senior researcher, Zhou Shijia, said that the new route is a good pick for the national carrier of the country. This is because Washington is a key destination for visitors coming from China, he added.

Zhou also said that the new flight from Beijing to Washington could be deemed as a golden route. He also said that opening the route could show that the business demand between the US and China is booming.

Despite the rising tension in the disputed territories in the Asia-Pacific region and issues concerning cyber security, economic ties should be advanced, Zhou said.

Officials from the United States welcomed the new flight from Beijing. Meanwhile, United Airlines has daily flights from Washington to Beijing, vice versa.

According to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, the new route would help promote tourism and boost agricultural ties and development. McAuliffe will be leading a business mission to China in October this year.

Virginia records China to be its biggest agricultural and forestry products customer. The country is also the biggest trade partner of Virginia and among its top financiers.

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority president and CEO Jack Potter said that it would not be long before Air China expands its new route to a daily flight.

However, Air China Washington office general manager Li Wei said that the resources of the airline company have limited the number of flights to a destination.

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