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Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee Reminisces Trials in Career

By | Jan 05, 2015 06:32 AM EST

After taking a hiatus from the entertainment industry due to health problems, Maggie Cheung Ho-yee realizes that no matter how hard you grasp on to something, anything can be lost overnight, including health. Cheung recalls her trials during the period in which she started working in showbiz.

Although Cheung did not earn any place in the top 3 in Miss Hong Kong 1994, it opened her doors for a better opportunity in the entertainment industry.

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But a better opportunity also means to work hard as well. Cheung had to work her way to the top in order to become a successful actress.

She reminisces the times in which she filmed Cold Warm Heart and One Good Turn Deserves Another at the same time.

As Cheung had shared, "Not only did I lack sleep. I hardly even had time to eat. I was tired and all I can do is hide in one corner and cry. I didn't dare talk to anyone because I was afraid of gossip."

Due to the high demands of showbiz which include a load of commercials and film projects, this also took a toll on Cheung's working relationships as well.

There has been rumors of Cheung and fellow co-star Jessica Hsuan's situation of being not in good terms. Though Cheung was quick to point out that friendships take time to cultivate and everyone inevitably loses touch after filming a drama.

Even though Cheung is considered a pro in acting, she still gets plagued by fear in filming bed scenes. One case was in which there was a bed scene in her latest drama To Be Or Not To Be.

Good thing, her co-star Poon Chan Leung was able to explain the script to her in detail and they were able to execute the scene flawlessly.

Cheung is all praises for HKTV's production and the script. She further added that her boss Ricky Wong is indeed a professional who always visited the set and treats everyone as a best asset to the company.

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