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McCourt Testifies in Brutal Beating of Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Fan

Former Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt testifies in baseball fan beating

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Stow is seeking damages amounting to $35 million from the franchise and its owners after he was mauled by two men in the parking lot of the Stadium after the game between the Dodgers and arch-rival San Francisco Giants where the Dodgers won 2-1.

Assailants Louie Sanchez, 31, pleaded guilty to a felony count of mayhem and was sentenced to eight years in prison while accomplice Marvin Norwood, 32, pleaded guilty to means likely to produce great bodily injury and was sentenced to four years in prison in February of this year.

The presiding judge called them "Complete Cowards".

Stow, 45, former Bay Area paramedic and father of two claims that poor security and low parking lot lighting led to the attack that fractured his skull and left him suffering from brain damage. He can no longer work and requires daily medical attention.

McCourt says that he was not directly involved in the security measures of the stadium during that time and in fact doesn't even know who the vice president of security was.

In 2011 McCourt arranged a $30 million loan from Fox Entertainment Group in order to finance his team's payroll.  He eventually sold the Dodgers to a group led by former Los Angeles Lakers star Earvin "Magic" Johnson in 2012 during an ongoing divorce.

"Like all Dodgers fans I was appalled at the criminal behavior of Sanchez and Norwood and make no mistake, they're the parties responsible for this tragic event," said McCourt. "My thoughts and my prayers continue to go out to Mr. Stow and his family."

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