Updated 10:35 AM EDT, Thu, Apr 18, 2019

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GTA V Online PC Version Release Delayed; Online Heist DLC set for Feb. 24?


(Photo : Rockstar Games ) Rockstar mentioned that they are in the process of coming up with more cool and new toys for the gamers to enjoy and spend in GTA.

Is it good news or just another rumor?

The rumor/good news is the GTA V Online Heists DLC release date has been set for February 24. Really" But there's no such good news for GTA V.

Rumors that Rockstar is delaying the upcoming GTA V PC release started to circulate when the game's Steam listing release date was changed to "early 2015." In a post on Rockstar's forums, the game developer said it hasn't announced any change to its release date.

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GTA V was released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 last Nov. 18. The PC version was to have followed this January. Grand Theft Auto V developer Rockstar Games confirmed the game will have a first-person perspective mode upon its release in November.

According to Rockstar's animation director, Rob Nelson, the team could have released the mode in the current-gen version but they were too busy developing the game. He said the mode offers a very intense experience.

Meanwhile, YouTube tipster DomisLive said GTA V Online Heists may not get to the fans until around the end of Q1, which is the same time the GTA V PC version will be released.

Dom said the Steam listing release date was made vague on purpose because the release dates may not arrive on Jan. 27, which it didn't. While Rockstar said it will remain true to its promise, the Steam listing still has not given a specific release date. Notably, we were promised the heists in spring but it still isn't available.

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