Updated 2:00 PM EDT, Wed, May 20, 2020

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Tracy Chu Reveals Her Bad Habits

Twenty six-year old Tracy Chu was seen attending a "Quit Smoking" event at Kwun Tong. She has openly supported this campaign and has revealed that, "I have never smoked in my life. My daddy and mummy is a non-smoker and my daddy said smoking is a waste of money."

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She was there to share some of her own tips on stress relief and on living smoke-free. Tracy shared, "The best way to relieve stress is to develop new hobbies such as attending yoga class with friends, doing exercise and listening to music. Determination is crucial in kicking the bad habit."

When asked by the media whether or not she would choose a non-smoker boyfriend over one who smokes, she replied, "I would try to choose a guy who does not smoke, because I also want him to live a long life!"

But what if she has to film a kissing scene with a guy who smokes? She said, "I haven't encountered that problem. If my character is a smoker, I would do it because filming does not really need you to smoke from the cigarette. I don't know how to smoke. It wouldn't look real if I inhale it."

The Hong Kong actress and former 2012 Miss Hong Kong runner up added that she does have some bad habits as well.

"Speaking of bad habits, I do have some like: sleep all day and eat. I also crack my fingers. I don't know if I cracked too much that my hands are small. My daddy will yell at me when he sees me crack my fingers, when in fact, my habit of cracking fingers is learnt from him."

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