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Chris Christie And Rand Paul Dish Out Views On Vaccines In Wake Of Measles Outbreak

Chris Christie

(Photo : Reuters / Molly Riley) New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaks during a luncheon at the Republican Jewish Coalition's (RJC) 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates Forum in Washington December 7, 2011.

New Jersey Governor Republican Chris Christie and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky dished out their own views about vaccinating children in the wake of a measles outbreak and other issues surrounding vaccines that have recently cropped up.

Gov. Christie said parents should have a "measure of choice" in giving their children vaccines. Paul, on the other hand, highlighted the negative side effects of certain vaccines.

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"Mary Pat and I have had our children vaccinated and we think that it's an important part of being sure we protect their health and the public health," Christie told reporters. "I also understand that parents need to have some measure of choice in things as well, so that's the balance that the government has to decide."

Christie's spokesman, Kevin Roberts, said that the governor's remarks encouraged parents to have their children vaccinated. However, he said Christie still supports parents who do not want their kids to be vaccinated.

In contrast to Christie's statement, Sen. Paul, who is also a possible candidate for the Presidential elections this 2016, mentioned cases of normal kids who ended up with "profound mental disorders" after the administration of vaccines. However, he said he thinks vaccines are a good thing but parents should not be entitled to have their kids vaccinated just because of the state's mandate.

The statements of these possible presidential candidates came after Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the measles outbreak in Anaheim, California at a Disneyland theme park. Around 100 people are said to have contracted the disease.

CDC pointed out that most of the people who were infected have not been vaccinated and many of them are children. 

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